K-Drama Premiere: “The Uncanny Counter” Stirs A Thrilling Prelude About Demon-Hunting Mission

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Standing in the middleground between the spiritual and human worlds, the new of heroes of The Uncanny Counter ward off evil entities that threaten the peace in the human world.

The Uncanny Counter‘s pilot week started off on a high note as the series seamlessly infuses the elements of action, drama and mystery genres into a single intriguing narrative. Channeling a comic vibe in this drama adaptation of a webtoon series, the story has so far featured a nice balance of character and plot highlights.

The Uncanny Counter

Premiere Week Quick Recap

The story opens with a prologue where the young So Moon rides in a car in a rainy night with his parents. His father, while driving, receives a phone call from a man who is being hunted by a number of assailants at that very moment. The man, whom Moon will meet later in his life, tells his father a cryptic message – he says he needs to survive at all cost. And just then, their car gets into a collision with a truck. Moon’s parents both tragically meet their end, while he survives with a permanent leg injury.

The Uncanny Counter

Jumping forward in time to seven years, Moon is an ordinary high school student who dreams of publishing his own comic book. He walks with a limp leg but does not feel resentful of his physical condition. He lives with his kind and cheerful grandfather and a mentally ill grandmother. Although he is apparently an outcast in school, he happily spends time with two close friends.

At the school, a friend of Moon’s becomes the object of bullying by some students who take advantage of their social status. Unable to stand the violence, Moon courageously defends his friend against the bullies. However, such bravery means he will have to endure a brutal retaliation.


The Eccentric Noodle Shop Employees

Meanwhile, a small noodle restaurant, called “Eonnie’s Noodles”, is becoming popular food house. In front of the establishment is a long queue of customers wanting to get a taste of the noodle’s unique and tasty flavor.

Interestingly, the noodle restaurant only operates for 3-4 hours a day. It is run by a group of eccentric and mysterious people who treat their customers with indifference.

The Uncanny Counter

Hiding in the guise of being noodle restaurant employees, these group of individuals are on a mission to capture evil spirits. They call themselves as “Counters” who secretly possess superhuman abilities.

Wicked spirits prey on human bodies. They eventually devour human souls to make them immortal.

One of the older members of the Counter, however, falls victim to an extraordinarily powerful evil spirit. Luckily, the Counter’s soul escapes before it was about to be devoured by the demonic ghost.


The Counter’s soul randomly goes inside Moon’s body as its new host. This brings dramatic physical changes in his body which leaves him perplexed about his unexplainable recovery from permanent injury.

Using their powers, the Counters successfully track Moon’s whereabouts. They implore him to join them on their mission to catch evil spirits. This signals the beginning of Moon’s heroic journey as a new member of the Counter.

The Uncanny Counter


With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities

What you take, you give back to the world. This is the principle So Moon embraced upon realizing the immense power he got in his hands. Moon, who grew up with a permanent leg injury found himself miraculously healed after becoming the host of a Counter’s soul. Not only that, he also began to possess an other-worldly strength which when used the right way, would help restore peace in the human world.

The Uncanny Counter

After learning the purpose of having such impossibly great strength and the weight of his presence in the group, he wholeheartedly accepted his role without hesitations. Such acknowledgement of a heavy responsibility makes Moon a mature person beyond his age.

Value Of Teamwork

It takes a team to take down an enemy, and each one has to play his part in order to succeed. Their distinct powers and varying strengths create a perfect combination as they fight the wicked spirits.

The Uncanny Counter

So Moon possesses an extraordinary physical strength and speed. Ga Mo Tak (Yu Jun-Sang) has an overwhelming physical endurance and ability to discern the enemy’s strengths. Do Ha Na (Kim Se-Jeong) can sense evil spirits even from the distance and has the ability to read someone’s memory through physical contact. And Chu Mae Ok (Yum Hye-Ran) has a unique healing power. United by a single goal, they are a force to reckon with against the demons who threaten peace in the human world.

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

After finishing off the first two episodes, The Uncanny Counter successfully delivered that real webtoon and anime-like vibe. This K-drama adaptation’s premiere week sets a positive tone for an exciting narrative to unfold.

Honestly, I wasn’t really expecting that much prior to its series premiere since I’m not really a fan of comic stories. Surprisingly, my prejudice was debunked with the engaging action scenes and well-thought out character sketches.

I must say that I love how each character’s powers complement one another’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, the gender and age distribution are balanced which sends out a strong message that anyone is capable of doing heroic acts.

Although the series is a fantasy-driven plot, it also makes a big room for its realistic aspect. It chronicled the mundane life of So Moon, an ordinary high school student, his interaction with his grandparents at home, and even his instant attraction towards Do Ha Na.

While much have been revealed in the premiere week, we know for sure that a lot is still wrapped in mystery. Ga Mo Tak’s backstory is especially intriguing with an emphasis on his connection with So Moon’s parents. It makes me look forward to the next turn of events in the series.

Catch The Uncanny Counter at OCN every Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30pm (KST). It is also available for global streaming at Netflix.

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