K-Drama Premiere: “Trap” Takes Off On An Exhilarating Ride Through A Well-Laid Plan Of Suspense

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OCN’s newest thriller drama Trap is a breathtaking ride chock full of mystery and anticipation.

The premiere week of Trap left its viewers in a cloud of disbelief.

“Did that really happen?” and “What’s going on here?” are most likely what would run through the minds of anyone watching this thrilling drama.



Narrated in a way that took the viewers back and forth to follow the story, viewers saw how the accident unfolded involving the hero and his family.  Simultaneously, we saw Kang Woo Hyun (Lee Seo Jin) injure in the hospital as Detective Gong Dong Gook (Sung Dong Il) had to deal with Woo Hyun’s case aside from his own familial problems. The present is not without its mystery and thrill too.


BEFORE: The Tragic Vacation Where It All Started

Trap *Image via OCN*

Trap *Image via OCN*

Retired anchor Kang Woo Hyun is dedicated to his wife and son. He plans a surprise getaway for his family to celebrate their tenth year anniversary. On their way to the site, they stop at a cafe. Although his wife is uncomfortable, their son is fascinated by the taxidermy animals.

Two men sit nearby. Woo Hyun’s wife Yun Soo eyes them suspiciously but Woo Hyun dismisses them, thinking that they just recognize them from TV. As the men leave, they belatedly realize their son is missing. Woo Hyun and Yun Soo take off running and start searching for their son. The friendly cafe owner offers assistance and they all search for him.

BEFORE: Things Start To Unravel

Trap *Image via OCN*

Trap *Image via OCN*

Under the pouring rain, Woo Hyun is forced to leave his wife inside their car and goes off on his own. He hears a gunshot from somewhere far and takes off after it, the cafe owner right on his heels.

Woo Hyun realizes his wife is missing. He panics and flips out on the cafe owner, and attacks him. They return to the cafe but the cafe owner overpowers him and knocks him unconscious.

When Woo Hyun comes to, he is tied to a chair. The previously friendly cafe owner has turned berserk on him and starts attacking him. What’s worse is that he’s turning the tables on him.

Previously he played innocent and said there were no hunters in the restaurant but Woo Hyun and his family. Then he accuses Woo Hyun of being crazy and talking about his family when he arrived alone.

BEFORE: The Game Starts

Trap *Image via OCN*

Trap *Image via OCN*

Cackling like a lunatic, the cafe owner tells Woo Hyun he is now part of the game. The cafe owner tells Woo Hyun they have laid out a game for him and he has two choices. Woo Hyun needs to choose between saving his wife or his son.

Stealthily, he sneaks back into the cafe and overtakes the cafe owner again. He ties him to a chair but the cafe owner continues to taunt him and calls himself Woo Hyun’s fan.

Woo Hyun retaliates by cutting off his toe. Frightened, he finally admits he doesn’t know who the men are. All he knows that they are the best hunters around and that the area serves as their hunting ground. The cafe owner acts as the lure for their trap.

Silently, Woo Hyuk forces the cafe owner to radio the hunters and tell them that he’s headed towards Point A. However, Woo Hyun runs toward Point B and finds his son Shi Woo tied to a tree. As he runs to him, the hunters appear and start shooting at him. He shoots one of the hunters dead.  A few feet away, the other hunter watches them reunite before walking away.

Trap *Image via OCN*

Trap *Image via OCN*

The father hides his son inside a shed and leaves to look for his wife. Behind him, the hunter enters the shed and tries to lure Shi Woo out. Shi Woo bites his ankle and runs to the bus where he honks furiously.

From afar, Woo Hyun hears the honking and runs back. The hunter is waiting for him and starts shooting right away. Woo Hyun hides inside the shed and waits for the hunter to enter. He sees the arrow Shi Woo asked for and uses it when the hunter opens the door.

Woo Hyun and the hunter have a physical battle outside. The hunter reveals that he found the cafe owner’s answer suspicious. He asks Woo Hyun why he chose the son who isn’t even his own biological son. Woo Hyun answers and he decides to spare him but cuts off his tongue.

After: Gong Dong Kook Reluctantly Takes on Woo Hyun’s Case

Trap *Image via OCN*

Trap *Image via OCN*

Seasoned veteran Go Dong Gook is about to retire and he is getting ready to turn over his tasks to Detective Bae. However, they need him on board on Woo Hyun’s high-profile case. Woo Hyun was found unconscious in the middle of the road and is brought to the hospital.

Barely conscious, he forces the doctors to allow him to give the police his statement. He types his statement and still struggles to complete it. What he wrote so far has baffled the police.

Dong Gook has to leave his daughter and rushes to the hospital where Detective Bae is on patrol. He spots Woo Hyun’s secretary Shi Hyun talking to a man. He is suspicious of her because she refuses to cooperate with the police.

He hides as he tells Dong Gook of his suspicions about Shi Hyun. Dong Gook surprises him and says he is already in the hospital when a body falls from the roof. He rushes over and it is Detective Bae. The man who Shi Hyun was talking to stands ominously on the rooftop.

Celebrity profiler Soo Young joins Dong Kook. She talks about the cold murder cases they have had around the mountains. The victims were all killed by shotguns or crossbows by serial killers. She mentions that Woo Hyun’s testimony matches their cases.


Dong Gook brings Shi Hyun in for questioning. He brings out the ledger, the burner phone she took from Woo Hyun’s house, and Detective Bae’s diary. He tells her that Detective Bae was suspicious of her. Shi Hyun dismisses everything he said and tells him to invite her again when he has real evidence.

After they question Shi Hyun, Dong Gook and Si Young go to Won Tae. Si Young takes a risk and calls his number from the burner phone. Won Tae sees from the CCTV that Si Young had the phone. He calls someone and request for the files Si Young is investigating.

Sadly, the episode ends when the body of Shi Woo is found.


Trap *Image via OCN*

Trap *Image via OCN*

Trap certainly caught me by surprise since I did not expect this high energy and fast-paced thriller. Because of this, I am now upset that it’s only going to last seven episodes.

I’m guessing that they carefully chose the cast. The intensity of all the actors blended so well together that each small gesture of movement spoke volumes. The acting of the entire cast was astounding.

It’s the kind of drama that starts explosively and continues on from there. The director carefully plotted each scene, prop and movement. The scenes with the cafe owner had me glued to my screen the whole time. He was maniacal but he was an absolute angel of a teddy bear.

If there is anything I can say about this drama, it is a well-laid plan. The concept of the trap was brilliant. Now it’s expanding further with Soo Young meticulously breaking down their actions, calculating every move, connecting the dots between hunter and mastermind. She might be closer than she thinks.

Overall, the premiere week was a huge success. The ratings agree with me, too.

Trap will run for seven episodes on OCN. Viewers can catch it every Saturday and Sunday.


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