K-Drama Sneak Peek: “Different Dreams” Pays Homage To Bravery & Patriotism

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Envisioned to flatter with its elaborated production design and stellar cast, MBC’s highly-awaited historical production, Different Dreams will soon begin its journey.

Continuing the MBC tradition of presenting exemplary period dramas, Different Dreams starring Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Yo Won aims the same destination.


Different Dreams

Scheduled to run every Saturday for 40 episodes beginning May 4th, the series sets its motion to unravel the stories of freedom fighters’ struggle during Japanese colonial period in Joseon era.

The espionage action drama features Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Yo Won, who will give life to spies aiding the Korean independence movement against the Japanese empire.

Different Dreams


Meet the Lead cast of “Different Dreams”

Powering the hero of the story, Yoo Ji Tae suits up for the role of Kim Won Bong — leader of the armed independence army. Lee Yo Won complements the main leads’ design as Lee Young Jin – a surgeon raised by Japanese parents, but agreed to become a spy for the provisional government of Korea.

In one of the released photos, Won Bong and Young Jin share a handshake signifying the latter’s agreement to her dangerous task of being an undercover agent.

Revealing the meaning of the “handshake scene”, the production team said, “The handshake of Lee and Yoo in the drama is a meaningful scene. It conveys the union of the main characters while threading on different roads but one dream.” Hinting on a painstaking lives for the primary characters of the story, people should expect immersing portrayals from the actors. “I want you to watch the fate of two people who will lead a turbulent life,” the production team added.

All set for their challenging roles are Lim Ju Hwan and Nam Gyu Ri. Portraying the role of Fukuda, a Japanese inspector is Lim while Nam flashes her extraordinary charm as Jazz singer Miki of Kyeongseong Club.

A peek in one of their scenes reflects Fukuda’s steely gaze and gentle smile. Meanwhile, Nam exudes charm as she draws attention through her beauty. Her femme fatal demeanor is said to hold a key role in the story that will affect Lim, Lee and Yoo’s characters.

Additionally, in the most recent released video teaser Lee Yo Won remarked, “It’s a choice to live, but my soul is trapped.” Likewise, Yoo Ji Tae passionately expressed how he is going to change the situation.

Heightening anticipation are images of Korean fighters in pursuit of freedom who fell down because of the Japanese military.

Different Dreams takes the 9:05 p.m. Saturday spot for 40 episodes weekly on MBC beginning May 4.


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