“One Spring Night” Is The Newest Korean Romance Series Netflix Fans Would Love

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Featuring heartfelt discovery of true love, One Spring Night will fill your Netflix chill time with romance.

From the writer-director tandem of highly-popular series Something in the Rain, an idyllic picture of genuine romance will be painted in One Spring Night.

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Reuniting with the showrunners of his previous hit drama, Jung Hae In pairs up with Han Ji Min to portray an extraordinary love story.

Anticipated Spring Love Tale

Portraying the role of Lee Jeong-in, Han Ji Min will breathe life to her role as a librarian who knows how to appreciate the small things in life. Jung Hae-in whom Netflix fans fell in love with for his role in Something in the Rain, plays Yu Ji-ho, a well-mannered pharmacist who does not hesitate when it comes to love.

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Their uneventful lives get intertwined by unexpected love. Defying what they believe, they seek what their hearts truly want. One Spring Night aims to depict an encouraging love tale between a man and a woman searching for love. It aims to reminisce romance at its brightest and most poignant yearning.

Directed by Ahn Pan Suk, viewers can look forward to another realistic storytelling of love and emotions. The brilliant director is known for his sound rendition of television dramas White Tower, Secret Love Affair and Heard it Through the Grapevine. Collaborating once again with Kim Eun, whom he worked together for the highly-successful Something in the Rain, raises anticipation.

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One Spring Night will launch two episodes weekly in Asia and most English-speaking territories from May 22, one hour after its television broadcast in Korea.

In the U.S., Mexico, Norway and Japan, all episodes will be released on July 12. In addition, the rest of the world will be served with two episodes weekly from June 1.

While you wait for One Spring Night, fall in love anytime, anywhere by streaming or downloading Romance is a Bonus Book, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Strong Girl Bong Soon and more.

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