Kim Tae Hee Returns On Small Screen With Drama “Hi Bye, Mama!”

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Kim Tae Hee returns as a ghost mother in new drama series Hi Bye, Mama!

South Korea’s goddess and well-loved actress Kim Tae Hee is set to come back on small screen with the new drama series Hi Bye, Mama!. The comic fantasy series portrays the story of a ghost mother.

Hi, Bye Mama!

Plot Preview

Kim Tae Hee plays the role of Cha Yoo Ri, a mother of a newborn daughter. Cha Yoo Ri suddenly gets in an accident and passed away. Helplessly holding back to leave her daughter behind, she refuses to cross the afterlife and lingers around her child for five years.

She has now given a chance of reincarnation and second life for 49 days to bring back her position as the mother of her child. It appears that her husband remarried two years after her death.

Lee Kyu Hyung (Prison Playbook) acts out the role of Cho Kang Hwa, the husband of Cha Yoo Ri. Actress Ko Bo Gyeol (Arthdal Chronicles) as Oh Mi Jung suits up to the role of second wife in the drama.

Kim Tae Hee’s Comeback

“Hi, Bye Mama!” breaks Kim’s career hiatus after five years. She has been away from the entertainment industry for the last five years during which she married the phenomenal singer and actor Rain and gave birth to two beautiful daughters.

During a press conference broadcast live on internet, she revealed that her role as the mother in the series had a resemblance with her real-life emotions as a mother of two little girls. She also said that her character in the series Cha Yoo Ri shared a lot of similarities with her true self.

The father in the series played by Lee Kyu Hyung was stunned as he will be working with one of the most prominent and stunning actresses in South Korea.

Furthermore, he explained that he was really pressured at first as he would be joining Kim’s much-awaited comeback project. But, with her versatility and excellence, he was able to pull through and manage the husband role successfully.

What to look forward in the drama?

Aside from the story of a mother ghost, the drama also tells stories of other ghosts in a comical way which promises to endear viewers to a more lighthearted tone.

As the drama comprises of more ghost character than human, Ko Bo Gyeol asserted that it would be a very humorous and impressive drama that is worth watching. Likewise, Kim Tae Hee reassured that the drama will not just make the viewers laugh and cry. She vowed that it is a heartwarming family story that would touch the viewers’ hearts in every way possible.

She added that through “Hi Bye, Mama!” she hopes that she can continue her acting career with more consequent projects in the future.

“Hi Bye, Mama!” directed by Yoo Je Won is another entry to his ghost-com series preceding the hit series “Oh My Ghost” starring Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk in 2015.

It is set to air its first episode on February 22 Saturday on tvN. It will run every Saturdays and Sundays of the week.

“Hi, Bye Mama!” will soon be available on February 22 on Netflix.

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