Park Ha Sun And Lee Sang Yeob Succumb To Growing Attraction On “Love Affairs In The Afternoon”

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Mutual attraction can’t be denied anymore in the second week of Love Affairs in the Afternoon.

Escalating to thrilling moments, the main leads of Channel A’s newest romance drama have found themselves consciously giving in to their personal desires.

Love Affairs in the Afternoon


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Portrayed by Park Ha Sun, Son Ji Eun, who has been bottling up her marriage frustrations, gives in to the emotions he is feeling towards Yoon Jung Woo (Lee Sang Yeob). Feeling the same way, Jung Woo finds himself to her rescue, providing emotional strength, albeit his own marriage problems.

Episodes 3 & 4 Recap

On its second week, Park Ha Sun and Lee Sang Yeob’s characters found themselves in unexpected encounters, while both have been feeling the strange connection between them. Interestingly, Jung Woo’s wife turns out to be a school friend of Ji Eun adding spices to the future of the story.

Meanwhile, Soo Ah offers her husband’s temperamental artist to draw her properly, but Ha Yoon (Jo Dong Hyuk) declines her request. But he calls back a few days later and agrees to draw her. Intent to satisfy her curiosity about the recluse artist, the drawing session becomes a prelude to a passionate kiss shared by the two.

When one of their pet birds flew away, Ji Eun aimlessly searched for it and bumps again with Jung Woo. Her raging husband orders for her not to come home until the bird is found.

Sensing Ji Eun is drawn to Jung Woo, Choi Soo Ah (Ye Ji Won) arranged a date for the two. Upon realizing the setup, they carry on to enjoy an afternoon date. Unaware that Jung Woo’s student and Soo Ah’s daughter were also in the forest, they relieve pent up thoughts through nature’s calming effect.

Running to where a shed is because of the pouring rain, Ji Eun and Jung Woo lock eyes as the scene fades to an almost kiss.

Coupled with soothing music, Love Affairs in the Afternoon is a heartfelt romance story perfect for the summer. Fans can watch it on Channel A every Friday and Saturday.

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