Nam Da Reum & Kim Hwan Hee Evoke Poignant Expressions In Drama Poster Of “Beautiful World”

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Gaining impressive momentum from Sky Castle, jTBC looks keen to score another hit with Beautiful World.

One of the best young actors, Nam Da Reum suits up to power his role as the focal character in this new series. Additionally, he is famous for portraying the young versions of drama male leads. Hence, this project is going to mark Nam’s transitions to score major roles as an actor.

Bannering stellar cast including Park Hee Sun, Choo Ja Hyun, Oh Man Suk and Jo Yeo Jung, Beautiful World will premiere in April.

Beautiful World

(Photo from TV Report)

Taking a contemplative mood, Beautiful World aims to present stories of finding hope in the whirlwind of lies, betrayal and suffering prevalent in the real world.

Touching the sensitive issue of school violence, the series will spin the story of how a family searches for the truth behind their son’s unfortunate fate.

Nam Da Reum Beautiful World

In the teaser poster released on February 28, Nam Da Reum evokes brooding appearance with a faint smile. Beside him, Kim Hwan Hee gazes at him also with a faint smile, while they sit on a ledge.

The poster is captioned: “I want to go back to that day when my brother was laughing.” It hints a test of emotional strength that would be required for the viewers.

Expressing how the poster was shot in an extreme cold weather condition, the production team praised Kim Hwan Hee (The Miracle We Met) for capturing the emotion needed for the poster.

Backing up the project is the writer-PD tandem, who worked on classic and contemporary drama hits such as School 2, The Devil, Shark and Memory.

Beautiful world is set to premiere on April 5 via jTBC.