OCN’s “Voice 4” Confirms Broadcast In June With Song Seung Heon & Lee Ha Na

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Sealing OCN’s weekend slot in June, Song Seung Heon joins Lee Ha Na as the new face of Voice 4.

It continues the story of the emergency call center team tasked to safeguard the “golden time” of a crime scene.

Voice 4 is going to draw a bold new golden time cooperation between a voice profiler and an uncompromising principle-based detective. Together, they tackle the appearance of a killer who commits a brutal crime.

Helming Voice 4 production is Director Shin Yong Hwi who worked on Tunnel and Cross. Writer Ma Jin Won pens the fourth season anew.

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Voice 4’s New Face

Suiting up as the resident detective team leader of Golden Time team Derek Joe is Song Seong Heon. He overwhelms with charisma and does not tolerate small mistakes.

Reprising her role as Kang Kwon-joo, a voice profiler who listens to the sound of life is Lee Ha Na. After the death of his second partner, Do Kang Woo (Lee Jin Wook), she suffered post-traumatic stress disorder, but has endured the pain to the end solidifying her leadership position. She faces tragedy again when she receives a message from someone that she is committing a serial murder with her excellent hearing.

The production team takes pride of the new face of Voice. Sharing Song Seung Heon is suitable to the role of Derek Joe for his dignified presence and strong charisma.

“Lee Hana, who successfully played the role of  ‘Kang Kwon-joo’, the heroine of ‘Voice’ continues to play an active part in season 4, as she does successfully so each season. We will meet you with Voice 4, which does not go against the expectations of viewers who love the series,” the production team said.

They further encourage Voice fans to look forward to the new Golden Time cooperation between Son Seung Heon and Lee Hana.

Voice 4 premieres in June on OCN.

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