Park Min Young & Kim Jae Wook Raise Rom-Com Anticipation Meter With Newest tvN Drama

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Cold and cute – look forward to how Park Min Young adorably bickers with Kim Jae Wook in their anticipated team up at tvN’s camp.

Following the confirmation of Park Min Young for her latest project in December 2018, the male lead for the drama has been revealed to be Kim Jae Wook.

Park Min Young & Kim Jae Wook

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Based on web novel, 그녀의 사생활 (Noona Fan Dot Com) by Kim Sung Yeon, Park takes the role of a closet fan girl whose regular job is a museum curator.

Her Private Life (working title) threads on the adventure of a woman, to be portrayed by Park, who has been nurturing her idol fan girl spirit for 20 years. While hiding her passionate idol following, she works as an art museum curator, a 180-degree spin to her vibrant life as a fan.

Playing the role of the new art museum director is Kim Jae Wook. The versatile actor recently wrapped up the brilliant OCN thriller, The Guest. His work in Temperature of Love garnered plenty of second-lead feels for drama followers.

kim jae wook

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In the new drama, Kim’s individualist character will stumble on the contradicting lives led by Sun Dok Mi, Park’s character. Consequently, a full-fledged romance will start between them.

Receiving love from the viewers for her sound portrayals, Park Min Young has been a favorite K-Drama heroine. She has worked on highly-successful productions including What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, City Hunter and Healer, to name a few.

Park Min Young

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Meanwhile, it is interesting to see how Kim Jae Wook will transform to fuse in the romantic vibe of his new drama. The actor has built a reputation as a character actor who easily owns roles given to him to perfection.

Both Park and Kim are known for their impeccable acting abilities. Hence, anticipation is high for the new drama love pairing.

Her Private Life is scheduled to be broadcast on midweek slot of tvN replacing Touch Your Heart.