Park Bo Gum Pitches His All To Achieve His Dream In “Record Of Youth” Official Trailer

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Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam and Byun Woo Seok are all set to meet fans all over the world through their newest project, Record of Youth.

Gearing up for its approaching premiere, Record of Youth will gift K-Drama lovers with an inspiring treat.

record of youth

The new tvN series threads on the stories of youth who strive to achieve their dreams and claim love sparing no effort against the restrictions of realities.

It particularly touches on the debilitating truth of how even dreaming has been a luxury for young people, thus igniting them to fight their own ways to fulfill it.

Sa Hye-jun (Park Bo Gum) and Won Hae-hyo (Byeon Woo Seok) are childhood friends who are both models breaking into acting. While working, they meet An Jeong-ha (Park So Dam) who is a budding makeup artist.

Coming from different backgrounds, each of them has contrasting ordeals and family situations. All three encounter love, trials, and friendship as they experience youth.

We’re rooting for you Bo-gum and So-dam!! 🥺 Can’t wait to see you both on Record of Youth this September 7th! ❤️

Posted by Netflix on Wednesday, 26 August 2020

In the released trailer, Hye-jun is shown balancing part-time jobs while working as a model. Both he and childhood friend Hae-hyo are models trying to become actors. However, their different family backgrounds and financial circumstances result in contrasting opportunities.

Completing the trio is An Jeong-ha (Park So-dam) who works as a makeup artist and is a huge fan of Hye-jun.

The three of them face different challenges as they all race towards their dreams separately. Hye-jun receives his military conscription notice and races against time to become a successful actor. Some of his family members support his ambitions while others don’t.

All of their trials and tribulations combine into a beautiful and moving record of their youth.

PR Source/Photos/Video: Netflix