Jung Hae In & Han Ji Min Enjoy A Spirited Script Reading Session For “Spring Night”

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Another remarkable romance melodrama is in the horizon for MBC’s Spring Night.

Starring Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min, the lead cast join fellow actors and the production team for the Spring Night‘s first table read.

Helmed by Ahn Pan Suk, MBC’s newest offering is set to depict an encouraging love tale between a man and a woman searching for love. It aims to reminisce romance at its brightest and most poignant yearning.

spring night


The rough story sketch depicts long-time lovers, who realize love again as they look back on their relationship before their breakup.

In earnest spirit, the script reading session went on with the actors fully expressing the colorful emotions of their characters.

Han Ji Min, who plays the role of a librarian, gave a pleasant smile to the scene with her lovely energy. Moreover, she also expressed the emotional change of her character in a delicate and detailed manner.

Portraying the role of a pharmacist, Jung Hae In presented mature and vigorous charm with his deep voice.

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Jung Hae In

Having ordinary career people to depict, the anticipated romantic drama promises genuine moments. In addition, banking on Han and Jung’s profound sentiments on the roles they portray, the production team proudly looks forward to its premiere.

Spring Night will mark premiere sometime in May via MBC.