“Train” Queues Vivid Posters & Teasers Featuring Yoon Shi Yoon & Kyung Soo Jin

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OCN has been parading a string of photos and videos for its coming series, Train – that is impossible not to feel compelled boarding it!

Ahead of its premiere, the mystery thriller drama lines up details of its plot through enigmatic contents featuring its lead cast, Yoon Shi Yoon and Kyung Soo Jin. Following Yoon’s character video introduction, Kyung’s dual roles were also unveiled.

Scheduled for July broadcast, K-Drama thriller junkies will have the time of their lives with OCN’s latest treat. After all, the network has established its reputation on bringing the best suspense stories in the recent years.

Taking a parallel world mystery theme, Train takes the story of a detective who intervenes in a serial killer’s work to protect precious people in the two divided worlds.

In both worlds, Yoon Shi Yoon portrays the role of a police officer. In World A, he is elite detective Seo Do Won, who ascended to the team leader at an early age by his prowess and skills in catching criminals. In contrast, his counterpart in World B is a corrupt police.

Meanwhile, Kyung Soo Jin is honest and dauntless in revealing her emotions. She plays the role of prosecutor Han Seo Kyung in World A; and a police officer who endured life with hatred in World B.

Two Worlds Crossing Posters

On June 16, OCN dropped the official posters of Train in two eye-catching colors. One in yellow and the other in blue tone. Lastly, an amalgamation of the two posters’ colors is highlighted in the striking main poster. Danger, urgency and bravery are reflected on the expression of Yoon Shi Yoon and Kyung Soo Jin’s faces.


Hyping anticipation, the production team hints on what to expect in the series. “Train is a novelty and fresh parallel-world themed series compared to the previous alternate world stories before. Please look forward to Yoon Shi Yoon and Kyung Soo Jin’s double acting transformations.”

Train begins airing on July 11 via OCN.

Source: Sports Donga