South Korea To Host A Ceremony Commemorating Philippine Forces’ Participation In The Korean War

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South Korea’s MVPA will be remembering the Philippine veterans of the Korean War who arrived in Busan 70 years ago.

The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (Minister Park Sam-Duck, in short MPVA) will be hosting a ceremony to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Philippine Forces’ participation in the Korean War who arrived in Busan Korea (September 19, 1950) at the Korean War Monument to the Philippine Armed Forces in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do.

(South Korean Embassy in the Philippines)

While complying with COVID-19 regulations, participants including Minister Park Sam-Duck, Charge de Affairs Christian L. De Jesus of the Philippine Embassy, Vice Admiral Stuart Campbell Mayer who represents the United Nations Command as Deputy Commander, and Goyang Mayor Lee Jae-joon, deputy commander of the ROK Army 1 Corps will pay the utmost tribute to the fallen Filipino heroes.

The Republic of the Philippines was the third country in the world that sent ground troops to Korea, following the United States and United Kingdom, and 7,420 Filipino soldiers served in Korea for the three years from September 19, 1950 when they arrived in Busan port to May 13, 1950.

The Filipino soldiers operated alongside the United States 25th Infantry Division from October 1, 1950 and made great achievements in the Battle of Yultong in April 1951 and among them 112 made the ultimate sacrifice, 288 were wounded, 16 went missing in action, and 41 became prisoners of war.

Moreover, they had not only supported Korea to reconstruct itself after the war, but also contributed a small number of troops to the United Nations Command to overseas the armistice.

In the meaningful year of the 70th anniversary of the Korean War in 2020, the MPVA has several programs in place to express the country’s gratitude to UN veterans of the Korean War including the Filipino veterans.

Despite COVID-19, the MPVA held the 70th anniversary of the Korean War commemoration ceremony and the UN Forces’ participation day ceremony, expressing the country’s appreciation to UN veterans.

In particular, in May, the MPVA sent facial masks to the veterans in the Philippines to help them fight against COVID-19. For the upcoming November, the MPVA plans a memorial ceremony and the music concert to coincide with the international memorial day for UN veterans (November 11).

In response, the Filipino veterans and their families have expressed special friendship between the two countries in recent interviews with the Korean Embassy and the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines.

The MPVA said, “We plan various programs and policies to honor and remember the service and sacrifice of UN veterans of the Korean War, including Filipino veterans, and continue our shared history and legacy of the Korean War with their descendant and our future generations.”

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Photo: The Korea Herald