12 K-Pop Songs That You Can Add To Your Summer Playlist

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Summer is in full swing, and that calls for some vitamin C combined with a dose of sweet, sunny soundtracks.

We’re all longing for days under the sun and nights watching the sun set into the emerald sea. While the current pandemic has forced us to postpone our dreamy vacation plans, there are many things we can still enjoy while staying indoors.

Aside from reflecting on our lives, spending time with loved ones, and creating better versions of ourselves, we can always turn to the solace of music.


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Better grab your phone or your laptop, because we have compiled 12 K-Pop songs that will heat up your playlist and bring the beach straight to you!

#1 Filter by Jimin of BTS

Map of the Soul: 7 has brought about a slew of fantastic music. One of them is Jimin’s fiery solo song, “Filter”. The tune features an upbeat vibe with a strong Latino pop-inspired rhythm. “Filter” may not have an official music video yet, but we can already imagine Jimin strutting his salsa moves.

#2 Hola Hola by KARD

KARD carries the summer breeze into your direction with “Hola Hola”. The tuneful rhythm is reminiscent of a barbecue party with your friends as you dance the night away.

#3 Love U by Chung Ha

Better break out your dancing shoes, because Chung Ha’s smooth vocals are about to take you on a trip to faraway lands. The music video features the singer frolicking and dancing in tropical outfits by various scenery, including the wide and open road and a refreshing swimming pool.

#4 Midnight Summer Dream by MAMAMOO

What better way to celebrate a midnight summer dream than with the song of the same name. This summer track comes with a twist of attitude and swag, courtesy of MAMAMOO’s versatile and textured vocals.

#5 Dance the Night Away by TWICE

TWICE is one of the most adorable and wholesome girl groups of this generation. With their quirky aesthetic, you’ll definitely do a double take when you see them. Their playful summer anthem is an optimistic hymn that will encourage you the make the most of the summer sun.

To top it off, the music video depicts the girls washed up on an island, but instead of sulking, they found a way to just “Dance the Night Away”, kind of like how people are handling the pandemic right now.

#6 I’m Serious by DAY6

Love is in the air with DAY6’s charming summer track. From its blossoming rhythm all the way to its heartwarming music video, “I’m Serious” seriously belongs on your summer playlist!

#7 Boy With Luv by BTS

Dust off your hot pink ensembles for this summer, because BTS is the epitome of color in “Boy With Luv”. Add a little bit of Halsey’s flair into the mix, and you’ve got the ideal summer anthem to sing along to. Let’s make this summer all about “Luv”!

#8 Baby by ASTRO

If you feel like dancing in front of the mirror, like no one’s watching, then you need the perfect song to let loose to. “Baby” by ASTRO is a revitalizing beat with snappy undertones that will keep you snapping your fingers and tapping your foot all throughout the day. If pool parties and water fights had a soundtrack, this would be it.

#9 Break the Rules by CRAVITY

The newest boyband on the block has already released songs that have captivated fans everywhere. “Break the Rules” is a masterpiece composed of thought-provoking lyrics and electrifying music. Their lyrics of breaking out of society’s mold covey a high octane message that everyone needs to hear.

#10 Moon by Jin of BTS

Jin wrote “Moon” as a beautiful tribute to their ARMY. With its majestic words alluding to nature’s wonders, such as the crescent moon, the rotations of the Earth, the infinite sky, blooming flowers, and the mysterious ocean, Jin has crafted a true work of art.

The profound lyrics “I will orbit you/ I will stay by your side/ I will become your light/ All for you” reflect his genuinely sweet personality as he expresses his love for his fans.

#11 Would You Marry Me? by Jung Yong Hwa

There’s nothing like a sweet melody to match your lazy afternoons on your terrace as you watch the sky immerse itself into golden hour. Being as adorably beautiful as it is, “Would You Marry Me?” is undoubtedly the proposal song of the decade. Moreover, it is also a serene lullaby that could sing you into dreamland and wash your worries away.

#12 Knock by ASTRO

Are you ready to travel to another world with ASTRO’s latest dreamy hit, “Knock”? The song’s catchy tune is a bright and beautiful track that fits right into your summer feels, and will encourage you to knock on summer’s door and ask it to last forever.

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