SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo, Joshua, DK & Hoshi Paint Different Faces Of Youth In Teaser Photos For “Heng:garæ”

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SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo, Joshua, DK, and Hoshi had sprung blossoming energy in their first set of concept photos!

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo, Joshua, DK and Hoshi excite fans by unveiling the much-awaited set of individual teasers for their seventh mini-album Heng:garæ this coming June 22.

Constantly pampering Carats with rich contents starting from the release of the track “Us, Again“, the group has been relentlessly giving sneak peaks everyday for their comeback on June 22.

Released on June 13 at 12 AM KST, the four sets of teasers drew attention from fans and quickly received engaging reactions. Capping four different concepts, SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo, Joshua, DK, and Hoshi unleash their gorgeous looks and different personalities through the released teasers.

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo, Joshua, DK, Hoshi

For his solo snapshot, Wonwoo leaned on the steering wheel while giving off a laid back facial expression. Showing what is it like to be the epitome of sophistication, Wonwoo parades his captivating looks and his style in tune with summer.

Meanwhile, Joshua served fans with an up close view of his sleek and gorgeous profile while maximizing his dashing looks that gives off a unique aura. Hollering summer vibes through his pine green hair and printed polo, Joshua exuded gentle charms while pinning an entrancing gaze.

DK showed his free-spirited personality by spontaneously posing on top of the car under the scorching sun with the desert and mountain behind him. While striking a full body pose and charismatic look in the distant shot, DK basks under the radiating sun that kickoff summertime.

In addition, Hoshi casted his signature tiger-like charismatic eyes while confidently sporting an urbane fashion style fit for summer. He also flaunted his flawless features in the most charming way possible.

Going in four different themes and concepts, the four members definitely capped off clashing and colourful summer shots. The official photos notched bright tone that highlight SEVENTEEN’s warm visuals and natural harmony. It also show refined and refreshing sets of colors, making fans’ curiosity towards the incoming photos of other members rise.

Throughout their career, SEVENTEEN has been showing continuous global growth through its diverse and far-reaching music. It is evident with their accomplishment in earning the No. 1 spot in early album sales on the second half of 2019. They also became No. 1 in U.S. Billboard’s critics’ best K-Pop album.

To further intensify their highly-awaited comeback, SEVENTEEN released the music video of “My My”. The music video garnered millions of views within 24 hours upon its release.

Even before the official group comeback, SEVENTEEN already surpassed 1.06 million pre-orders as of June 12.

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Photos From Pledis Entertainment

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