ATEEZ Bewitches With Teasers For Upcoming “HALA HALA” Music Video

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ATEEZ hooked our hearts by pleasuring our visual and auditory senses.

The rookies of the century decided to surprise their ATINYs with bewitching teasers for their upcoming performance music video of “HALA HALA”.

Photo from ATEEZ Twitter

Pictures to Tease

ATEEZ created a suspense with their shared picture teasers on the 4th and 5th of February through their official SNS and Twitter accounts.

The mysterious flag and megaphone kept the fans guessing about the act’s next step. The fans soon discovered the message written in Morse code as “HALA HALA”.

The followers were taken a back on the next day when the members revealed themselves in a darker side wearing black masks with piercing gazes, boasting the pride and aura from their previous semi performance video.

    Photo from ATEEZ Twitter

Hearts Awakened, Live Alive

Being the first track of the album, “HALA HALA” has influenced many with its electronic music and jamming choreography performed during the comeback stages. The track also has the glory of debuting on Billboard’s world digital song sales chart.

The album Treasure Pt2: Zero to One itself, scored a strong wave by placing 5th on the Billboard world album chart and 7th on the Heatseekers album chart.

Photo from ATEEZ Twitter

A Video to trap

On February 6th the act piqued fans’ attention by releasing a 35-second video teaser. The members appeared in close angle shots, showing off their flawless faces with demanding looks trapping us to stay awake, waiting for the video to be released.

ATEEZ, the group formed under KQ Entertainment will be touring America for the first time this March as an act. The ‘Expedition tour’ included stops starting from Los Angeles on 14th later followed by Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta. They will have their final performance in New York on 24th.

Brace yourselves as the rising stars are all ready to drop an enigmatic treat tonight at 6 p.m. KST.