BTS Sneak Attacks With More #BTS_Butter Concept Photos

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With their new concept photos hitting the internet, BTS has proven that the hype for “Butter” won’t be melting away any time soon!

It may have been weeks since the feel-good retro track, “Butter”, launched itself to the top of the charts, but the song is going full-speed ahead and shows no signs of slowing down.  Staying true to their content king reputation, Big Hit Music just released another set of “Butter” concept photos that depicted the boys in all their cool shade stunner glory.

Image From Big hit Music

Game On?

The concept of their fresh new teaser images is driven by all play and games. In the group photo, the boys can be seen lounging on a checkered table that resembles a chessboard. Peppered with chess pieces, books, a map, water guns, and snacks, our telepathy tells us that ARMY is already trying to find Easter Eggs to decipher. (Could this be some kind of man cave or secret Bangtan lair?)

The solo images delve even deeper into the playful concept of the shoot, as each member is shown in a different room filled with various games or snacks.


Image From Big Hit Music

Jin may be sitting in a room bedazzled with colorful plastic balls, but that look on his face can only mean one thing: he didn’t come to play. (Who is he talking to on the phone?)


BTS Butter Suga Yoongi

Image From Big Hit Music

All cozy and comfy on a white couch, Suga snacks on a grapefruit lollipop while a chessboard and more sweets lay sprawled across the floor. Hey, this is how we spend our weekends. Checkmate.


BTS butter JHOpe

Image From Big Hit Music

J-Hope defies all fashion norms in his furry boots while he stands poised to propel a dart towards the board. You may notice that the cabinet behind him conveys a very important warning: FLAMMABLE. KEEP FIRE AWAY. Since J-Hope is the sun, someone please advise him to get out of that room now!


BTS Butter RM

Image From Big Hit Music

If you played the BTS World game, you may recall that RM portrayed the role of a detective during his highlight reel. In his “Butter” concept shot, the rapper sits behind a typewriter with a magnifying glass in hand. Any clues yet, Sherlock?


BTS Butter Jimin

Image From Big Hit Music

Jimin and J-Hope probably used the power of telepathy to coordinate with similar boots, and we see these toasty shoes possibly making a comeback.

With a pen and notepad in hand, you can assume that Jimin is either writing or doodling something that you are now extremely curious about.


BTS Butter Jungkook

Image From Big Hit Music

Salad and cold milk, anyone? Because it appears that Jungkook has prepared some for you. Some fans will be glad to see a sneak-peek of his full-sleeve tattoo here, which he flaunted proudly during their latest digital event, SOWOOZOO.


BTS Butter Concept V

Image From Big Hit Music

V knows how to turn the world into his runway, which is exactly what he did with this pool table. However, we can only think of two actual reasons why someone would stand on a pool table; A.) he doesn’t know how to play pool. B.) There’s a rat in the room…

Will “Butter” melt or solidify even more? Stay tuned for the official release of the physical “Butter” CD and a brand new mystery track on July 9th!

Source: Big Hit Music