BTS’ Rapline Members Will Each Get Solo Tracks for “Love Yourself: Answer” And We’re Screaming!

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Think you have all the reasons to look forward to BTS’ Love Yourself: Answer already?

Well, think again because it’s been reported that each BTS’ rapline members are getting a solo track on the album!

bts rapline rm suga j-hope

With the tracklist’s reveal on August 20, we knew something was up when we saw three tracks with “Trivia” on the title. And our instincts were right – the three “Trivia” tracks were revealed to be solo tracks from each member of BTS’ rapline!

“Trivia: Just Dance” is J-Hope’s solo track – and it fits the group’s main dancer just too well! The track “expresses the fresh feelings when you start being in love” and compares it to a dance.

j-hope naver x dispatch jung hoseok

Photo from Naver x Dispatch

Meanwhile, “Trivia: Seesaw” is Suga’s solo track where he will showcase both his rap and vocal charms.

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bts suga naber x dispatch min yoongi

Photo from Naver x Dispatch

“Trivia: Love” is King Namjoon’s solo track – and we’re warning you ahead to watch out for the lyrics because of how hard-hitting it will apparently be! We aren’t surprised though, seeing as RM is behind most of BTS’ songs with deep and well-meaning lyrics.

bts rm naver x dispatch kim namjoon

Photo from Naver x Dispatch

Additionally, KOMCA’s data shows that these solo tracks were also co-written and co-produced by RM, Suga, and J-Hope themselves. The same thing goes for almost all of the tracks in the upcoming repackaged album which drops today, August 24.

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The concept of Love Yourself: Answer aims to have the album contain the essence of BTS’ Love Yourself series. It will serve as the conclusion of the said series which ran for two and a half years.

The repackaged album consists of two CDs which contains both new tracks and previously-released songs.

love yourself answer bts tracklist

Photo from BigHit Entertainment

Additionally,the sixteen tracks recorded in Track List A are linked to each other in terms of music, story, and lyrics. These tracks follow the flow of emotions from their encounter and love.

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