CHUNGHA To Manifest Her Honest and Brave Music In Album “Bare&Rare Pt.1”

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Summer queen CHUNGHA gears up for her July comeback slated on July 11.

Announced on June 26, the sultry singer has started releasing various content ahead of the big music reveal for Bare&Rare Pt.1 which also named “Sparkling” as the title track.

On June 28, a mood sampler and album preview were unveiled.

Bare&Rare Pt.1 is an album that contains Chungha’s candid inner story. In the mood sampler, she showed a unique aura of unconventional and colorful presence. It is drawing high attention by showing her original appearance with a concept photo that day.

Today, the “Bare” first concept photo was also shared.

The released photo contains the silhouette of CHUNGHA, which adds a unique sexy vibe with a bold pose and provocative eyes. Various elements, from vintage colors to fabric sofas and natural styling, completed a drowsy mood and amplified the curiosity about the concept of her latest album.


Subsequently, official photos, track list, highlight medley and 2nd album preview will be disclosed from July 1 to July 7.

Prior to the official release date, MV teasers and countdown posters will also hype CHUNG HA’s comeback.

With a performance that goes beyond the limits of each album, CHUNGHA has firmly maintained the presence of an irreplaceable solo performer. Thus, paying attention to what kind of music she will deliver excites her fans and music enthusiasts alike.

CHUNGHA’s second full-length album Bare&Rare Pt.1 will be released through online music sites before 6 pm on July 11th.


Source: HNS HQ
Photo courtesy of MNH Entertainment]