DAY6’s Jae Reveals “The Little Prince”-Inspired Music Video For New Single “Rose”

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DAY6’s Jae reminded us of a timeless tale as he shared beautiful references to a well-loved classic on his newest single.

DAY6’s Jae released the music video for his new solo English single “Rose”—and its beautiful and meaningful storyline, references, and message are touching our hearts.

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The DAY6 member returned with another solo single which featured his breathy, captivating vocals alongside sentimental lyrics and a mellow rhythm that will evoke all sorts of emotions from its listeners.

“Nothing you understand/ Nothing makes sense but don’t you know that nothing’s really ever beautiful/ We’re all just broken windows/ What you see depends from where you set your eye,” Jae sings softly yet intensely at the same time in “Rose”.

Further adding to its beauty, the music video for the song is heavily inspired by the famous literary work “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry down from its cinematography to the narrative that it tells.

Aside from the aesthetics of its scenes, the clip for “Rose” centers on various imageries and references that point back to the story, including one of its settings in the desert as well as the flower itself which the little prince held so dearly.

Towards the end, the music video also flashed the book’s ever-famous line—”It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

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Based from the message and story it tells, the classic literary piece also drives a genius parallel to Jae’s story in itself. Just like the little prince, he left the home he was used to in order to go to Korea and start a new journey in his life, wherein he grew, discovered, and experienced many things in already—making “Rose” an even more special song.

Watch the music video for “Rose” by DAY6’s Jae below:

Video from JaeSix