(G)I-DLE Comeback Scheduler Released For Upcoming Mini-Album “I burn”

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(G)I-DLE excites fans as they launch into their comeback for their fourth mini-album I burn, revealing a comeback activity scheduler.

(G)I-DLE begins full-fledged comeback activities, releasing the scheduler for the upcoming promotions for their fourth mini-album called I burn. This will be the fourth release of their “I” series which began in 2018, includingΒ I am, I made, and I trust.

According to the newly released schedule, (G)I-DLE will unveil the album’s tracklist on December 31. The group will reveal their first concept preview teaser on January 2, followed by subsequent releases of concept images until January 6. On January 7, fans will receive an audio teaser before two music video snippets drop on January 9 and 11 respectively.

In particular, the scheduler catches attention with its bold concept of a burning rose in front of a black and red, torn background. The image resembles the same destruction of nature seen first in the “Visual Film” teaser for the project. The new concept raises curiosity regarding their new image for this project.

Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE worked on expanding their musicality by experimenting in various genres. Recently, the group released “Oh My God” and “DUMDi DUMDi”. The two contrasting tracks illustrate the members’ wide range and abilities to embody different concepts.

Their newest release will prove their unique sound, as well as their concept versatility. While other groups tend to stick to a consistent image, (G)I-DLE continually challenge themselves by delivering a variety of looks.

(G)I-DLE’s newest album,Β I burn releases on January 11 2021 across various online music sites, followed by a physical release on January 12.

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Image Source: CUBE Entertainment