K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: MONSTA X Proves Inner “GAMBLER” Vibes In 9th Mini Album “One Of A Kind”

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If you don’t know, now you know! MONSTA X is finally back with an absolute zero zero lucky bang!

MONSTA X presents a magnificent return with the title track “GAMBLER” from its 9th mini album One Of A Kind. The talented six-member group never disappoints as the members delight in every inch of the album, proving that they have everything it takes to be a A+ group.

Before we dive into their ravishing tracks, let us first hop onto the comeback timeline for this much-awaited return from the all-rounder group.

One Of A Kind Comeback Timeline

MONSTA X brought up the game with the announcement of its return with a coming soon poster image that sparked huge interest from global fans. The “coming soon” image revealed a silhouette snap of the members, along with the date “June 1” for the album’s release.

The upcoming release was set to be the comeback after about 7 months with the 3rd full album FATAL LOVE in November last year.

Following the hype was an exciting scheduler reveal on May 10. The scheduler poster featured dates to watch out for.

On May 13, the one-of-a-kind tracklist image was unveiled, revealing the tracks composed by Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M. Featuring a total of seven tracks, the album was deemed more wonderful as this was the first time Joohoney’s composition was chosen as the title track.

From May 18 until May 25, MONSTA X shared diverse images of elegance and sexiness in four concepts as well as group photos for each. Specifically, the group showed off its endearing visuals that are like no other.

Right after the consecutive visual attacks from MONSTA X, the first music video teaser for the title track “GAMBLER” was revealed, snatching the hearts of global fans. It was undoubtedly an attractive sneak peek at the much-awaited return as the young men of MONSTA X displayed such theatrical appeal to something similar to a heist.

The second music video teaser was nothing short of magnificence! The members looked iconic as each of them effortlessly presented charm and class.

MONSTA X then swept all MONBEBEs off their feet with an awesome album preview on May 31.

One Of A Kind Album Impressions

Headlined by the impressive title track “GAMBLER”, the album starts off with perfection as Joohoney’s voice welcomed MONBEBEs with an awe-striking “If you don’t know, now you know. Ok? Deal.”

The track expresses the emotions between lovers enough for them to bet everything. As it conveys the confident energy and unrivaled synergy of MONSTA X, it was also a pride for the group as Joohoney took charge of its composition. Everything about the track was marvelous. The synths and electric guitar, as well as the resounding bassline, were enough to simply describe that “GAMBLER” is a masterpiece.

Relatively, the superb high notes of Kihyun and Shownu and Minhyuk’s incredible sounds add more delight to the song. Hyungwon sounds lovely as his voice sprinkles magnificence to the track’s melody. The song has a strong bass and pop rock-style rhythm, which further ignites the fire within Joohoney and I.M’s rap lines.

Next, “HEAVEN” really feels like we are listening comfortably to the sounds of angels. The track is a bossa nova-inspired masterpiece that keeps the momentum with its fresh and carefree melody accompanied by guitar and saxophone. As the members sing, the retro vibe further resonates, creating a surprising tune of smooth-sailing melody.

If there is one thing for sure, the track “ADDICTED” is an absolute LSS! It has an EDM melody accompanied by a snappy synth and snares sound, giving it an ambient feel. With its powerful trap beat with a sharp yet dark tune, the song clearly gives spotlight to Shownu’s beautiful falsetto and Minhyuk’s sweet vocals. But of course, Kihyun. This guy was born with a golden voice as he steals the scene with his high registers and wonderful tone singing the lines “I’m addicted to you.”

“SECRETS” is yet another masterpiece from the very own Chae Hyungwon, himself. The disco-pop beat lets listeners groove to its every hit as the track continuously complements each member’s tone. Another amazing thing to point out is that this is a full English track, retaining a classy flirty vibe all throughout. Specifically, Minhyuk and Hyungwon’s vocals beautifully harmonize with each other, creating a strong and impactful pre-chorus. The rapper line goes on to heighten the vibe with top-notch verses worthy of endless praises.

It is a one-week filled with love with the track “BEBE” composed and written by Hyungwon, yes, again! Described as a mid-tempo R&B song, “BEBE” conveys a tender and romantic atmosphere with a dreamy jazz feel. MONSTA X surely will not think twice to blast this track on thousand speakers just to proudly tell global MONBEBE “I’ll be here always. 24/7 I love you, BEBE.”

“ROTATE” is a track that has an EDM beat backed with rumbling bass, which is obviously I.M’s style of musicality. Specifically with the lyrics “Switching positions, I like to rotate. Let’s switch seats. What do you want this time?”

Finally, the Korean version for “LIVIN’ IT UP” contains an exciting feel just like the Japanese version. But this time, it has an accelerated charm and cheerful presence which is obvious through its Korean lyrics.

MONSTA X “GAMBLER” MV Afterthoughts

The music video for “GAMBLER” starts off with a mysterious person tied up on a chair with his head covered in cloth. Seconds later, Joohoney comes into the scene, lifting up the cloth while singing the first iconic lines of the song. Continuously, each member effortlessly shows off a majestic aura as they, one by one, enter a casino to commence their heist plan.

All throughout the music video, the powerful sextet displays bewitching visuals as if they are inside a blockbuster action Hollywood film. Specifically, the six heist mates channel their inner mafia boss vibes during an auction with a creative bid paddle with their respective birth dates on.

Another highlight to watch is the scene between the November babies, Minhyuk and Kihyun. The two presented a diversion as the other members continue with the plan, which created huge buzz among global MONBEBE.

Overall, MONSTA X never fails to captivate the audience in every scene, especially the glimpses of their knife-like performances that exceed expectations.

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