Kim Jae Hwan Shows Both His Pure And Classy Sides In Teasers For Debut Solo Album

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The duality of Kim Jae Hwan continues to entice fans through recent photo teasers for his first-ever solo mini-album!

Pure class – that’s what Kim Jae Hwan is made of as seen in the teasers for his upcoming debut as a solo singer!

Kim Jae Hwan

Photo from Swing Entertainment

In preparation for the release of his debut mini-album Another on May 20 at 6 PM KST, Jae Hwan counted down with fans through a number of photo sets showing off his various charms and proving his claims of being “main visual” material.

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The former Wanna One member first revealed two concept photos for Another’s “Pure” version on May 7 and 10. Looking bright and jaunty, Jae Hwan jived with the light feeling brought by the spring season. Staying true to the version’s name, the singer presented a clean and innocent vibe, showing off his boyish charisma which compliments his sweet, honey-like vocals.

Meanwhile, he shared his dazzling pictures for his mini-album’s second version titled “Classy” on May 13 and 15 as well. This time, he goes for a darker concept, basking in monotonous, grim colors and looking more serious than his usual self.

Lastly, the singer unveiled the cover images for both versions on May 17, showing the stark contrast in his two concepts which he easily pulled off. While he allured WIN:Ds with his innocent playfulness in the first photo for “Pure”, “Classy” had him pulling fans in through his intense stare and striking visuals.

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For his music video, a teaser shared earlier revealed actress Kim Yoo Jung’s participation as a main character.

Additionally, veteran singing legend Im Chang Jung also added himself to the stars making the singer’s debut loaded as he personally composed and produced Another‘s title track “Begin Again” as a present to Jae Hwan.

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