Kim Jaehwan Sticks With Wanna One’s Agency + Launches Social Media Accounts For Solo Career

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Kim Jaehwan will be pursuing a solo career soon through Swing Entertainment – the home he has found through Wanna One!

Details for Kim Jaehwan’s solo career had been ironed out – and he’s sticking with Wanna One’s agency Swing Entertainment!

Kim Jae Hwan

Photo from WANNA ONE Facebook Page

Following his former groupmates’ announcements regarding their own upcoming activities post-Wanna One, Kim Jaehwan has also shared what’s next in store for him and his developing musical career.

The former independent trainee has revealed that he will pursue a solo career under Swing Entertainment, the same agency which handled his activities as a member of Wanna One.

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The agency revealed Jaehwan’s decision to stick with them through a statement released on January 9.

“After thorough discussion between Stone Music Entertainment, Kim Jaehwan, and Swing Entertainment, Jaehwan will carry out his future activities with Swing Entertainment,” it said.

Photo from Naver x Dispatch

“We will not hold back on providing full support for his musical development and the planning, marketing, and management of his future solo activities,” Swing Entertainment assured fans.

Additionally, the agency also shared that Stone Music Entertainment, which also supported Wanna One’s career as a group, will also help out on Jaehwan’s solo career.

“Stone Music Entertainment will also provide full support for the artist’s upcoming activities, after impressing people as Wanna One’s main vocalist, through the company’s entire infrastructure,” it stated.

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In addition to the announcement, Swing Entertainment has launched Jaehwan’s official social media accounts on fan cafe, Twitter, and Instagram.

The official fandom name for Jaehwan’s supporters is currently being gathered through his fan cafe. He will be choosing five suggestions from the ideas submitted by his fans, who also have the final say as they vote for the fandom’s name.

Photo from Kim Jaehwan Official Twitter

The agency had also revealed his official colors as Pantone 7702C, 270C, and 7464C. Pantone 7720C is a shade of blue, which represents Jaehwan’s voice providing comfort and happiness to others, and Pantone 270C is a shade of violet, which represents fans who provide harmony and happiness along with him. Lastly, Pantone 7464C is of a blue-green shade, which represents music, the very thing which connects Jaehwan and his fans.

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