MONSTA X Cutely Cradles Puppies In Still Images For “MONSTA X’s Puppy Days” Variety Show

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Monbebes will be changing their wallpapers with these photos of MONSTA X with puppies in 3… 2… 1…

MONSTA X cutely cradled these puppies in their arms as they posed for the newest still photos from their variety show MONSTA X’s Puppy Days.

Photo from Starship Entertainment

The boy group surprised fans with a set of photos of the Bichon Frise puppies they bonded with for their newly-launched variety show – and they were all too cute to handle.

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Dressed in their pink tracksuit uniforms for the show which they all raved about, the boys dazed the cameras with their happy smiles. Portraying their innocent charms, the members held the puppies in their arms and showed affectionate eyes towards them which added to the photos’ loveliness.

Upon the broadcast of its first episode on July 8, MONSTA X’s Puppy Days won fans’ hearts by presenting a pleasant healing time for both the viewers and the members of the boy group.

In this web variety show brought by their collaboration with N.C. SOFT for their own character line TWOTUCKGOM, MONSTA X pushes off their intense image on stage and trades it with their refreshingly cute charms.

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Bringing a team-up with seven puppies that also stole their hearts at first sight, the group delighted fans with a much-anticipated display of their variety show charms.

MONSTA X’s Puppy Days airs new episodes every Monday and Thursday at 7 PM KST through TWOTUCKGOM’s official YouTube channel.


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