MONSTA X Presents A Colorful Feast In Performance Videos For “Rush Hour” And “Ride With U”

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MONSTA X never fails to show off its limitless capability through these performance videos that immediately swept every MONBEBE off their feet!

MONSTA X proves its endless capability with performance videos for “Rush Hour” and “Ride With U.”

monsta x performance video rush hour ride with u

On November 22, MONSTA X has presented spectacular outdoor performance videos for the title track “Rush Hour” and the sidetrack “Ride With U” from the 10th mini-album No Limit.

It was a definite feast of visuals as the members performed against the backdrop of a dark outdoor. MONSTA X actively showed off each member’s rough charms as soon as the whistling sound started, which signaled the start of the track, “Rush Hour.”

The setup for the performance video was nothing short of magnificence. MONSTA X’s unrivaled charisma and intense presence perfectly blended with the soaring flames and overturned vehicles.

monsta x performance video rush hour ride with u

In particular, the line connecting Joohoney and I.M’s rap parts to the vocal line’s splendor added freshness to the performance. While MONSTA X’s dynamic energy, similar to their debut days, resonated with global MONBEBE.

On the same day, the performance video for “Ride With U” was also released. The track is a disco-funk genre that starts with a synth base and sophisticated rhythm. The performance video created yet another unique charm that is far different from the intense aura brought by “Rush Hour.”

I.M starts the song with his humorous look while revealing his high-quality vocal skills. MONSTA X also showed off the impressive aura of an unrivaled artist that encompasses the genre itself. All five members showed off their relaxed attitude, which proved how confident they are as an idol group with a much wider musicality.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X is currently actively engaged in promotional activities for the recently released 10th mini-album No Limit.

PR and Image Source: Starship Entertainment

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