Red Velvet To Celebrate 7th Anniversary With Fans Through A Special Live Broadcast

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REVELUVs are in for a special treat from their favorite girl group! Red Velvet will conduct a special broadcast in conjunction with their nearing debut anniversary!

Popular girl group Red Velvet will hold a virtual event where they will greet and connect with their lovely REVELUVs worldwide! The dazzling group broke the thrilling news on July 27 via its official SNS accounts.

Titled “Red Velvet Debut 7th Anniversary Happiness”, the special online gathering will air via the group’s official V Live account this August 1, starting at 8:01 PM KST.

Notably, the event will take place in celebration of Red Velvet’s seventh consecutive year in the industry. Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri debuted on August 1, 2014 with their feel-good single titled “Happiness.”

During the event, the girls will share various stories from their past activities and reminisce about the good times they had together during promotions, album making and music video filming among others. 

In order to communicate and convey their unfiltered thoughts and feelings to their lovely fans, Red Velvet will also talk about their impressions regarding their 7th year anniversary.

Moreover, they will also delve deeper on the memorable snippets that took place behind the scenes, while talking about the best teasers they had during the span of their careers.

Making the online event more exciting, there will also be ranking quizzes where fans can participate freely.


Red Velvet recently gave fans more content to look forward to by unveiling the first few previews for their nearing August comeback. The group is also now in the middle of conducting an archive promotion, operating under the name “Queen’s Mystic General Store”.

So far, SM Entertainment has already revealed three videos, two of which are individual ones corresponding to members Wendy and Yeri. They contain remnants of the girls’ previous releases from the props used down to the costumes.

Furthermore, the background songs used are from their previous albums. The tracks featured in the clips are “Somethin’ Kinda Crazy”, “I Just” and “Talk To Me”. Each of these songs also had a different theme that showcases the group’s versatility and amazing artistry.

REVELUVs should continue to look out for more fantastic sneak peeks as Red Velvet will surely unveil them in the following days.

Source: OSEN

Photos from SM Entertainment

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