Jang Wonyoung Hailed As New Muse For Cosmetics Brand Innisfree

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Taking the spotlight effortlessly with another venture, Jang Wonyoung lands an amazing deal with popular Korean cosmetics label Innisfree!

WIZ*ONEs are surely over the moon right now with the recent announcement of Wonyoung being the newest face of South Korean natural cosmetics brand, Innisfree!

After conquering the vast K-Pop world with her irresistible charms and overflowing charisma as part of girl group IZ*ONE, the artist recently signed with Innisfree as its latest endorser.

As the brand’s muse and representative, Wonyoung will participate in the eco-friendly life that the Innisfree openly advocates about. Apart from appearing in various promotional materials, advertisements and CFs, the young artist will also play an active role as the Young Leader of Innisfree’s newest campaign, titled PLAYGREEN.

An official from Innisfree shared, “We chose Wonyoung as a model because we thought that she, who has a confident attitude and healthy energy, is the best person to match our brand values ​​of ‘natural beauty’.”

“We expect that various advertising campaigns with Wonyoung will not only add fresh and new vitality to the brand, but also create good synergies,” he added.


In the video clip teaser released by the brand on July 27, Wonyoung demonstrates a fresh and vibrant aura even whilst showing only his gorgeous back and side profiles to the camera.

Proving why she is the perfect fit for the role, the charming artist is full of liveliness and joy as she softly dances along to the catchy rhythm included in the clip.

With the words “Guess Who?”, the video immediately increased fans’ excitement right off the bat. As it comes to an end, texts that say “Want Young?”, which sounded like her real name, then graced the fans’ screens. This officially marked the start of Wonyoung’s activities as Innisfree’s newest muse.

Fans should continue to look out for updates regarding Wonyoung’s newest venture. Innisfree will surely upload new videos and photos featuring its newest tint, with the aid of the artist’s amazing projecting skills.

Source: OSEN

Photos from Innisfree

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