Taeyeon Talks About Her Strengths As An Artist And Her Aspirations

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Taeyeon is absolutely radiating a sporty and sophisticated aura in her latest The Star Magazine interview pictorial!

Charismatic soloist Taeyeon unleashed her irresistible and fatal charms in her latest athletic-themed photoshoot with The Star Magazine.


Demonstrating her unmatched projecting skills, the artist showed a refreshing image, while garbed in various colorful and comfortable outfits fit for any season. The ensembles she wore perfectly complemented her milky white skin tone and her gorgeous hair color.

Shot against pastel-themed settings, Taeyeon further nailed the pictorial concept with her strategic and cool poses as well as her fancy gestures. Her facial expressions were all eye-catching and heart-fluttering enough to catch fans’ attention in an instant.

The veteran idol perfectly pulled off the vibrant concept, while flaunting her amazing figure and stunning facial features. She may be wearing only plain sweats but she manages to gather immense traction with her goddess-like visuals.

With her effortless beauty, it is no wonder why she has many endorsements and is considered one of the hottest Korean stars today. Her natural makeup look and girly styling also made the person herself more beautiful as ever.

Making the photoshoot interesting, Taeyeon collaborated with famous lifestyle brand Nerdy, which she openly endorses. She said, “I was very happy with the ambassador proposal because it is a brand I usually wear. I think the young and hip feeling is Nerdy’s strength.”

“I like Nuddy’s styling that matches leggings, a boxy hoodie, and sweatpants with a tight crop top or bra top,” Taeyeon added.


In the pictorial’s accompanying interview, the artist shared her thoughts about her strengths as a singer plus her current aspirations.

Known by many as the “sound source queen,” Taeyeon said that her fans are her motivation and the reason why she keeps making music. She stated, “I move for the people who are waiting and anticipating.”

When asked about the unexpected side of her personality, the idol replied, “I’m not the type of person who likes noisy things, but I really like chatter.”

Regarding her goals, Taeyeon confessed that she wants to be a person and a singer who is always curious. “I want to be someone’s special artist,” she said.

Fans can know more about her witty and fun interview and see more of her ravishing photos by grabbing the November issue of The Star Magazine. 

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Photos from The Star Magazine