Tiffany Young Talks About What Activities She Enjoys Lately

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Showing off her fierce and versatile side, Tiffany Young effortlessly aces her latest interview pictorial with Allure Korea!

Charming artist Tiffany Young exudes a mature and sophisticated aura in her latest eye-catching photoshoot with Allure Korea.

Flaunting her ethereal and effortless beauty, the stunning singer demonstrated her top-tier projecting skills, while garbed in gorgeous and fashionable outfits. The dressy ensembles emphasized her slim but healthy figure well, including her breathtaking curves.

Shot against dark and mysterious settings, Tiffany Young further nailed the pictorial concept with her unconventional poses and posh gestures. She was able to perfectly portray what it feels like to be a confident woman in her 30s, while exuding a chic and goddess-like aura. Her visuals were definitely on point and her stunning facial features stood out effortlessly despite the puzzling mood of the pictorial.

While sporting various sweet and charming facial expressions, Tiffany Young was able to show the world again how versatile she is as an artist. Anyone who looks at the photos would surely fall in love with her enchanting image.

Although her makeup looks fall on the fierce side, it still suits her very much, particularly her milky white skin and the overall daring and luxurious vibe of the shoot.


In the pictorial’s accompanying interview, the talented singer slash musical actress spoke candidly about the things she enjoys lately.

Tiffany Young Allure Korea

Tiffany Young said that she enjoys drinking, the most especially champagne. “I have a lot of good memories about champagne. Now that I’m in my 30s, I only drink when there are happy things, but lately I’ve been enjoying champagne because I’ve been having a lot of good things,” she shared.

Fans can read about the artist’s interview and see more of her fancy photos by grabbing the November issue of Allure Korea and by visiting the official website and social media accounts of the magazine.

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Photos from Allure Korea