TREASURE’s Junghwan Tests Positive For COVID-19

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TEUMEs would have to wait a bit to see TREASURE on stage again as member Junghwan recently tests positive for COVID-19.

YG Entertainment recently made an announcement regarding the current health condition of one of its prized artists, TREASURE’s Junghwan.

In a statement released by the agency on July 16, they confirmed that the young idol was diagnosed with COVID-19. He is the second member of the group who contracted the virus, following Doyoung who tested positive on July 13.

“This is YG Entertainment. We inform you that TREASURE member So Junghwan tested positive for COVID-19 today (July 16). Besides Doyoung who tested positive on July 13, the other TREASURE members and staff have tested negative as a result of all additional tests until now,” the agency said.

YG Entertainment also revealed that the artist initially tested negative. After checking his condition using a rapid detection kit while undergoing self-quarantine, he suddenly received a positive result. This prompted them to have Junghwan take a PCR test, which then came back as positive.

Delivering comfort to fans, the agency vowed to support and continue taking safety measures. Since ensuring the good health of their artists and staff is their number one priority, they also promised to actively cooperate with the contact tracing conducted by authorities.

Thanking fans for their concern, YG Entertainment also promised they will continue to bring updates and announcements in the future.

As part of preventive measures, TREASURE’s leader Jihoon will also not participate in the upcoming SBS Inkigayo broadcast this Sunday in lieu with the start of his self-quarantine.


Following the news, TEUMEs expressed their love, concern and support to both Junghwan and Doyoung, who have been working hard to bring quality music and content. Their names also trended on Twitter, along with the hashtags #GetWellSoonJunghwan and #GetWellSoonDoyoung.

Meanwhile, TREASURE’s last Korean comeback with The First Step: Treasure Effect became well-received by K-Pop fans all around the world. They continue to spread joy and warmth through their weekly variety show on YouTube titled Treasure Map.

Wishing you both a speedy recovery, Junghwan and Doyoung!

Sources: Sports Donga and News1

Photos from YG Entertainment