K-Photo Reel: EXID’s Hani For Grazia Korea September 2019

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EXID’s Hani returns to the pages of your nearest magazine as she completes a pictorial with Grazia Korea and Lancôme.

Strong and sensual: that is the vibe which EXID’s Hani confidently exudes in her latest photoshoot with Grazia Korea. In collaboration with beauty brand Lancôme, the singer will be gracing the pages of the magazine in its September issue.

Sporting Lancôme’s Absolute Rouge Ruby Cream Lipstick, Hani effortlessly showcases her sophisticated visuals for the camera. With every photo, she exudes professionalism and her natural knack for the camera as she poses like a model.

Her intense aura is further accentuated by her vivid lipstick color, one that has a texture that makes her lips look more delicate and smooth.

Overall, Hani embodies the image of a modern and sophisticated woman, showcasing a new side to her visuals.

In the accompanying interview, Hani talked about her recent trip to Greece and Italy and how it has helped her reflect.

“I’ve always been busy, and I used to think that being relaxed meant being lazy,” the singer admitted. “This trip made me realize that it’s important I have time for myself.”

Additionally, she shared how she has become more self-confident in the past few years.

“The one thing that’s changed since I debuted until is now is that I have faith in myself,” Hani revealed. “Now that I know what I am capable of, I will work hard and know that it will bring about good results.”

Source: Sports Donga, Sports Chosun

Image source: Grazia Korea

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