13 Beautiful Chinese Covers by Korean Artists

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Korean artists coming out with Mandarin versions of their original Korean tracks is no surprise to most fans, but we still appreciate their thoughts to do so.

When an artist or a group holds a fan meeting or showcase in a Chinese-speaking country, the artists will start picking up some Mandarin and Cantonese phrases so they can communicate better with the local fans. Or even greater, the artists will prepare a special stage: performing Chinese covers.

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Most of the times, we will be amazed how well they actually sing in Chinese. Fans appreciate the effort, the work, the thoughts and the time they have put in to perform a brand new cover song, in a language that they are not familiar with.

Let’s fall in love with their vocals together! (The original song is linked to each song title)

Day6 – Little Love Song by Sodagreen

I fell in love, instantly.

VIXX’s N – Starry Mood by Jay Chou

Fellow member Ken also performed the same song at a Taiwan fan meeting.

VIXX’s Ken – A Little Happiness by Hebe

Although this is a really a short one, still good job singing to the theme track of Taiwanese movie Our Time.

Hyukoh’s Oh Hyuk – Tian Mi Mi

Oh Hyuk used to study in Beijing, China, hence the accurate pronunciation.

EXO’s D.O – Miss You Tonight by Guan Zhe

Longer version, please.

GOT7’s JB, Jr. & Youngjae – Black Sweater by Jay Chou

Fellow members BamBam and Yugyeom also teamed up for Beautiful by Wang Lee Hom, while Mark and Jackson took their spin on Jay Chou’s Silence with an English rap section added.

IU – Wedding Invitation Street by Kay Tse

Instead of a Mandarin song, IU challenged herself with a Cantonese track Wedding Invitation Street by Kay Tse, at her fan meeting in Hong Kong. She also performed a Mandarin track Zebra, Zebra at Beijing.

Ji Suk Jin – Fairy Tale by Michael Wong

The pronunciation is so on point.

SHINee – Bygone Love by Sandy Lam & Jonathan Lee

So impressive. This is a duet track by two really senior artists, Sandy Lam and Jonathan Lee, released in 1992.

EXO’s Chen, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk & Ryeowook – You Won’t Be Alone by Show Lo

Ryeowook and Chen were in charge of vocals, while Eunhyuk showcased his rap.

Ji Chang Wook – Starry Mood by Jay Chou

This rendition is an amalgam of Korean and Chinese.

Ryeowook – Orange Jasmine by Jay Chou

Bringing back all the nostalgic memories.

TVXQ’s Changmin – Listen To The Ocean by A-Mei

So good. So good. So good.

Song Jihyo – You Are So Cute by Kenji Wu ft. Song Jihyo

She did not just star in the MV, but also showed her vocals in a few lines.

Miss A’s Suzy – Together In Love by Show Lo ft. Suzy

Suzy must have practiced a lot, til the point Show Lo complimented her.

Drop us a comment to let us know which ones you like, and also if we missed out any great performances.

(Editing by Timea Baksa)

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