HKP Staff Picks: Favourite Kpop Male Vocalists and Tracks

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Singing competitions like K-POP Star, Superstar K and I Am A Singer, share one common aim. It prepares a stage for talented singers to showcase their vocals. Lee Hi, Akdong Musician, 15&’s Park Jimin, Park Boram, Winner’s Lee Seung Hoon are some good examples, as after they got noticed for their singing talents, they were quickly signed to big companies, and have since released their own songs.

We previously asked 11 K-Pop fans to share their favourite male rappers and tracks. This time, our staff came together to share some of our favourite Korean male vocalists with our readers.


Anjeli Ramos, Social Media Officer
Artist: Zion T

He adds a whimsical or nostalgic feeling to his songs which make him such a unique artist, song: “Yanghwa Bridge.”

Yanghwa Bridge

Timea, Writer & Editor
Artist: Lee Hongki

Since Nini is surely going to list Junsu (kekeke), I will go for Lee Hongki. I love the richness of his voice, he’s got a very unique timbre, unmistakable (just like in Masked Singer, where he was found out immediately, because of his voice). His voice soothes and excites at the same time. Favorite track right now is “BPM69” from the new album of FTISLAND, I Will.


Vanessa Phan, Writer
Artist: Eddy Kim

Eddy Kim. His soothing voice matches so well with his guitar playing, it also matches with many genres, even when mixing RnB and folk music. He definitely has own his own style of singing and knows his own style producing music around it.

The Manual

Adrian Cheng, Co-founder & Managing Partner
Artist: K.Will

One of Korea’s finest singers, K.Will never fails to impress me with his beautiful and husky yet emotional voice. Be it ballad or pop, he is always able to blend in perfectly with his own personal style.

You Don’t Know Love

Jung Bae, Assistant Chief Editor & Music Reviewer
Artist: Park Hyo-shin

Tough, but Park Hyo-shin is definitely one of my favorites. He sings with soulful weight and engrossing emotion, but also has surprising versatility for such a distinctive voice. I prefer his current lighter, crisper voice to the old style, but my favorite song of his is actually “Standing There” (2004), back when the huskiness was at its peak.

Standing There

Clarissa Loi, Writer
Artist: Zion T

Suffice to say Zion T has one of the most unique vocal colors I’ve ever heard. I like how he has the ability to transport me across eras of different times with his soulful delivery and retro-inspired tunes! Love ‘O’ from his Red light album. It’s very Zion T, yet sleek and solid in delivery too.

Zion T – O

Rachel Huang, Writer
Artist: Crush

I’m going with Crush. As a huge fan of R&B, Crush never fails to improve with his soothing vocal and groovy beats. My favorite track would be Sofa.


MaliVai, Senior Writer & Editor
Artist: JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong

Kim Jaejoong. Favorite track, Dear J probably. Jaejoong’s love for rock really shines through, and yet Dear J didn’t feel like the odd one out on what was mainly an R&B album, because he’s so great at letting the emotion shine through. He’s got a great voice for emoting.

Dear J

Impulse, Writer
Artist: Ra.D

Mine would be Ra.d, his soothing vocals can you make you feel every words of his songs. My favorite would be “Something that Flutters.”

Something That Flutters

Nicole Lent, Head of PR (US)
Artist: JYJ’s Kim Junsu

There are a slew of great vocalist scattered all throughout Kpop, but when I’m asked who my all-time favorite is, I instinctively default to JYJ’s Kim Junsu. He has a very fluid voice and superbly flexible style that allows to him to perform everything from the most complex and fast tempo songs to the most simplistic and heart moving ballads, and everything in between. Since his debut, his vocal style and ability has grown exponentially by picking up the slightest intricacies from a myriad of Kpop sub-genres, incorporating his music theater vocal training, and has slowly evolved into something that is uniquely Junsu. When you hear his voice, you instantly know who it is without needing to see the artist’s name or glance at the music video. Picking a favorite song is very difficult for me simply because each of his releases have something interesting and different to offer but I chose a song that I thought would best exemplify his ever-evolving talent. 11AM is a song that is simplistic in nature, opening with simple vocal melody –just him and the mic, with no music accompaniment- that shows his raw vocal talent and his ability to sustain a self-contained harmony in such a soft tone.


Comment below to tell us who your favorite male vocalist is and a song from them! We would really like to know about you, too!



Editing by Adrian Cheng

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