These Are The YouTube Channels Of K-pop Stars That You Should Follow

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K-Pop stars aren’t just making it big in the showbiz industry; they’re dabbling in the world of YouTubing too!

K-Pop is everywhere, and when you visit YouTube, you’ll find that K-Pop reigns there too.

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Images From P Nation and YG Entertainment

Over the years, the streaming platform has crossed over to the Hallyu side thanks to the Korean stars that have established their own channels there. Their fascinating content shows viewers that they’ve got some hidden talents and hobbies aside from performing. Some love to eat, others like to shop, and there are also a few who just love to unleash their inner goofball.

In case you aren’t following these celebs yet, you better smash that subscribe button now, because you’re missing out!

Solar of MAMAMOO

Moomoos know her as Solar, the fearless leader of MAMAMOO, who can hit those “Aya” and “Dingga” high notes like a boss. However, when she puts on her Youtuber hat, the singer is known by her pseudonym, “Solarsido”.  Her channel is the perfect venue for the K-Pop superstar to express her sheer quirkiness and charm. Wanna see her make her own rice cake soup or take care of a friend’s baby for a day? Subscribe now!


Annyeong from Jennie of BLACKPINK who just crossed over to the YouTube side in January this year. Debuting on the content-creation platform on her birthday, she gifted her fans with a special cover of “When Will My Life Begin?” by Mandy Moore. In true fairytale style, she sang like a Disney princess while projecting her own version of Rapunzel. Launching her channel exactly one month ago, Jennie has already gained 5.68 million subscribers. Check out her videos now to follow her on her digital escapades.

Sandara Park

2NE1’s visual and vocalist continues to slay as a professional Youtuber. Her content is so diverse that you’ll literally find something for everyone. From her travels and foodie adventures to her song covers and shopping trips, DaraTV is a treasure trove for fun and laughter. Bonus: she often speaks Filipino in her vlogs too, so that’s a true treat for her fans from the Philippines!


HyunA is back and she’s bigger and brighter than ever. She may say “I’m Not Cool”,  but we totally beg to disagree. You’re high up on the cool-o-meter for us, HyunA! Her YouTube channel is a bit different from those of other K-Pop stars’, because she shares a bunch of couple content that you won’t usually see with other idols. Occasionally joined by her boyfriend, DAWN, the two are 100% #couplegoals.

Chen of EXO

Subscribe to @CHEN on YouTube if you love pure music content. His dulcet vocals are put in the spotlight as he croons his way into your playlist. Trust us, you’ll never get enough of his fantastic covers.  EXO is composed of some serious talent, and that’s a fact!


Well, hello there, LiliFilm Official, A.K.A. Lisa of BLACKPINK. This global icon’s YouTube channel is a blackhole of dance covers. Well, maybe not a blackhole per se, because she has uploaded only 10 videos to date. On the other hand, they were enough to reel in 5.74 million subscribers. One of her videos even went viral once. You know the “Did it work?” leg memes that saturated your newsfeed for a short while? Yup, that’s the one.

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