Ahgases Make Various Donations On Behalf Of GOT7’s Jackson For His Birthday

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Inspired by the kind heart of GOT7’s Jackson, Ahgases had made heartwarming donations all around the world for the rapper’s special day.

A special party was thrown by Ahgases for GOT7’s Jackson as they showed his good influence to them by placing various donations to organizations worldwide in celebration of his birthday this March 28!

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The GOT7 member will surely be proud and happy when he sees the heartwarming efforts of IGOT7 all around the world who hope to follow in his footsteps when it comes to spreading good deeds and love!

Honouring his birthday, many fans had found causes and organizations to support while bearing Jackson and GOT7’s name as a way of sharing their blessings just like the generous and kind-hearted idol.

In line with the current outbreak all over the world, numerous Ahgases made a timely donation to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization through the UN Foundation.

Together with Jackson’s Chinese fanbase, global fans have donated to the Chengmei Charity Foundation on behalf of Jackson Wang, and together, they were able to purchase hygiene sets for a total of 400 children in need.

Ahgases in France also donated to the organization Women Safe—Institut en Santé Génésique, which provides care to women and children who are victims or witnesses of all types of violence.

Jackson Wang Global also made a $852 donation to the World Wildlife Fund in Australia to aid in funding wildlife rescue and restore damaged wildlife habitats and forests as they recover from the recent bushfire.

The Iranian fanclub of GOT7 also donated 16,000,000 Rials on behalf of Jackson to an association for child laborers in the country, purchasing hygiene sets and grocery sets for 1,414 children.

Filipino fans were also able to donate ₱30,000 to Cribs Foundation, who caters to children in need of special protection.

Another donation for children was also made in honour of Jackson’s birthday through Save The Children.

A group of fans also organized donations to 26 organizations from different countries in Jackson’s name—including Korea Women’s Hotline which aims to achieve a nonviolent world and promote gender equality.

Other organizations that received donations from the team were a shelter for women and children fleeing from domestic violence in Canada, Harmony House in Hong Kong, and Urban Light Thailand which provides support to boys and young men who are victims of trafficking and exploitation.

They also donated to the Foundation for Women in Thailand, Proyecto Esperanza in Spain, and Polaris Project in Mexico.

Fans in the Philippines also donated to UNICEF to help fund their mission of promoting and protecting the rights of children. Additionally, Ahgases in Iran donated to Nikookaran Sharif Charity to support orphans and female-headed households.

IGOT7 from Germany also donated to the organization Weisser Ring, while Somalian fans donated to Amnesty International.

Fans in Nigeria and other African fanbases also made a generous donation to the Women Trafficking and Child Labour Eradication Foundation. Moreover, Latin American Ahgases in Chile also donated to Fundacion Honra, while fans in Peru supported the cause of Alaska Network on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault (ANDVSA).

Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking also received donation from Ahgases in United Kingdom, while Fundacion Honra garnered donations from fans in Bolivia.

Fans from Colombia, Turkey, Japan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, and Jordan also donated to various organizations catering to numerous causes in their respective countries.

Showing their heartwarming friendship with MONSTA X’s fandom Monbebe, IGOT7 also teamed up to honour Jackson’s caring and compassionate dedication to the well-being of others by donating to the A21 Campaign, a non-profit organization that works around the world to end slavery.

A donation was also made to Snow Leopard Trust, which is the largest and oldest organization working solely to protect the endangered snow leopard and its habitat in 12 countries in Central Asia.

Inspired by the rapper’s kindness and positivity, donations were also made in honour of Jackson’s name to two good causes – Animal League and Save The Children.

Thai Ahgases also donated school supplies to a school in the rural area of their country—and it included 570 pencils, 300 pens, 300 pairs of socks for students, 290 rulers, and more.

A donation to give homeless New Yorkers a second chance at life through The HOPE Program is also among the heartwarming birthday gifts of Ahgases to Jackson.

The Korea Hope Bridge Disaster Relief Association also received donations under the GOT7 member’s name to help them fight against the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

With these selfless and generous gifts, we’re sure that the multi-talented artist is feeling wrapped up in the love of Ahgases all over the world who wish to return the goodness he has shown to everyone.

For his birthday, we hope that he continues to spread love and positivity with his huge, warm heart and fulfill all the milestones and goals that he has in life—because a kind man like him deserves all of it. Happy birthday to Jackson!

Photo from Grazia/Team wang