Fans Send Love And Support To ATEEZ’s Mingi As He Goes On Hiatus For Health Reasons

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While ATEEZ’s rapper Mingi goes on hiatus from activities due to anxiety, the group’s loyal fandom ATINY continue to express their unwavering love and support for the team of eight.

ATEEZ’s label KQ Entertainment released a statement on the group’s official fancafe regarding ATEEZ’s rapper, Mingi. According to the announcement, Mingi will go on a hiatus from ATEEZ’s official schedules due to psychological anxiety. After receiving consultations from specialists, who recommended the artist take a break, Mingi will furthermore be absent from ATEEZ’s activities.


KQ Entertainment stated, “After sufficient discussions with ATEEZ members, including Mingi, we decided to focus on recovery and treatment of Mingi’s health.” Additionally, the company notably vowed to commit their attention to supporting the artist’s full recovery.

Regarding future activities, the company explained that Mingi’s return will eventually be carefully discussed with the artist as well as expert opinions.

Following the announcement, fans were quick to flood the group’s SNS platforms with comments of support for Mingi. The rapper is known for penning comforting lyrics and bringing fans happiness with his gentle, kind-hearted nature. As such, fans reiterated their constant support for the artist, emphasizing that his health and happiness are more important than schedules. Additionally, many ATINYs commented that Mingi should take all the time he needs for his health and recovery.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ continues to impress with their success due to their rapid fame overseas. Since their debut in 2018, the group amassed incredible international support. Due to their global popularity, many view the group as one of the leaders of K-pop’s fourth generation.

Their loyal fandom, ATINY, celebrates their anniversary of receiving their fandom name on November 17. As Mingi takes a well-deserved rest and ATEEZ complete schedules as seven members, ATINYs touchingly continue to express their unwavering devotion for the team of eight.

Source: Yonhap News

Image Source: KQ Entertainment