BTS’ Jin Receives A Trophy For Being “Mr. Worldwide Handsome”

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Yes, you read it right – BTS’ Jin can now officially present a trophy to validate his “Mr. Worldwide Handsome” title!

A recently-conducted research for finding the best-sculpted face in the world has named BTS’ Jin as the winner!

Photo from CzDollic

Doll designing team CzDollic recently went on an intensive search to find the number one sculpted face in the world for four months, starting from October 1, 2018. It analyzed 18,000 male faces from 58 countries in addition to receiving a total of 1,504,602 public votes in order to narrow down their list to ten individuals whose faces seem like they are carved by angels.

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After being selected as one of the top ten contenders for the research, BTS’ Jin emerged with the most public votes from December 15 to January 15. He garnered over a million votes and occupied a slot in the top three along with Ravi Bhatia from India and Sean O’Pry from the USA.

The research employed the use of three-dimensional design – which can also be used in making sculptures – to project the three’s faces and help the doll designing team to select the top one. Half of their faces’ photos were placed side-by-side with remodeled 3D versions of it to compare the proportions of their faces and its features.

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After much consideration, sculptor Radek Schick has selected the Korean idol as the winner thanks to his beautiful, balanced, and symmetrical face, which can be filmed from any angle with his beautifully curved mouth.

Photo from CzDollic

The research’s results had been announced on January 18, and as the winner, Jin’s face had been engraved on a crystal trophy with his title “Sculpted”.

The sculpture on his trophy contains the image, which was used in comparing the research’s top three – with half of his face’s photo placed side-by-side, with its remodeled 3D version that shows just how almost equally his proportions are.

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