BTS Manifests The End Of Pandemic In “Permission To Dance” Music Video

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BTS’ second collaboration with master music maker, Ed Sheeran, is finally out for your perusal, ARMY!

We all patiently wait for the day when we can toss our masks up in the air and celebrate the end of the pandemic (can it be tomorrow, please?). Incorporating this notion into their music video for “Permission To Dance,” BTS channeled sheer optimism in a very high school musical-esque style.

Permission To Dance BTS MV 7

From Hanbok to Cowboy hats

Taking place in the heart of the desert, BTS momentarily stepped out of their signature South Korean style and donned western-inspired outfits to party in the USA —  from hanbok to cowboy hats real quick.
Anyone browsing the fandom’s comments can see that a huge percentage of ARMY looks forward to the day when the septet will return to their iconic roots of producing thought-provoking and innovative Korean music again, but until that day comes, “Permission To Dance” is a catchy English track that personifies the global dance party that we’ll all be having once the coast is clear to remove our masks and smile at each other again.

BTS Permission To Dance

Under the heat of the sun, BTS traversed a laundry shop and other establishments in the desert while the camera switched from them to kids playing in a park, teachers dancing in a school hallway, a couple vibing by a park bench, and a group of people swaying in a diner.

Connected By Purple

One of the central themes in “Permission To Dance” is unity and new beginnings, and it was evident by means of the thousands of balloons that painted the screen purple.

BTS Permission To Dance

Connecting people in multiple parts of the world via purple balloons, the septet shared warm moments with people of various ages and races; radiating both cheerful fun and a profound message of hope. 

Walk The Walk

According to the lyrics of the group’s new song, they aren’t just going to talk the talk. They’re going to walk the walk, and it won’t matter if they fall, because they know how to land. 

BTS Permission To Dance

21 Million Views In 3 Hours 

In only three hours after its release at 1 PM KST today, the “Permission To Dance” music video has already garnered a whopping 21 million views.
Will this be the next Billboard Hot 100 record-breaker? Will “Butter” share the throne? Only streams and airplays will tell. 

BTS Permission To Dance