DAILY RECAP: B.A.P files lawsuit against their label for unfair contract

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BAP. Pic: Facebook

BAP. Pic: Facebook

BAP has filed a lawsuit against TS Entertainment to end their contract stating unfair treatment.

The artists’ stated that the contract lasted for seven years beginning from their first album release and not the day contract was signed. It also goes against the terms of Fair Trade Commission, which violates civil rights and outlines unfair profit distribution as they earned approximately 16,000 USD for the past three years.

TS Entertainment has released an official statement that they will look into the incident in details, however denying BAP claims on ‘unfair contract clauses’ and ‘slave contracts’ in previous reports

YG Hip Hop Project. Pic: YG Life

YG Hip Hop Project. Pic: YG Life

After a massive success for G-Dragon and Taeyang collaboration with “Good Boy”, YG Entertainment revealed Bobby from iKON as part of YG’s second hip hop project.

The teaser photo showed that the second project involved a three member-unit including Bobby, who recently featured in HI SUHYUN’s “I’m Different”.

The remaining two members will be announced soon, and the single is set to be release on December 2. So what are your guesses for the two mystery members?

Sunny Hill has come back with a new MV release for their upcoming third single ‘Here I Am’.

The MV shows a heartbreaking separation of two lovers, starring HISTORY‘s Kim Si Hyung and Sunny Hill‘s Joobi. The girls’ emotional voices deepens the intensity of the video.

One of the member Misung also participated in writing the lyrics for this piece. Check out “Here I am” here!

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