Dreamcatcher Is Getting Ready To Make This Summer Better With A July Comeback

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This is not an illusion, Dreamcatcher is about to make a comeback at the end of July!

Keep your eyes open for the upcoming details, as the girl group Dreamcatcher unveiled plans for a return this summer. A whole new world of music is about to come forth and invade your music playlists.


The artists’ company shared the exciting news on July 12, “Dreamcatcher is working on a new album with the aim of making a comeback in late July.”

Anticipation stirred up among fans, who have been waiting to hear from their favorite girls. In particular, this will be the idols’ first comeback in about six months, after the release of Dystopia: Road to Utopia, back in January.

The mini-album impressed in various ways, including its tracklist, but that is not all. It helped the girls surpass their own personal sales record only within three days after its release, showcasing the group’s growth and popularity.

Dreamcatcher, which debuted in 2017, built its own unique color with music and performances based on a solid worldview and rock sound. Curiosity is rising on what the talented artists have prepared for this summer and how they will captivate global fans.

Also, Road to Utopia was reported as the last installment to the Dystopia series. This raises even more questions about what kind of new story will begin to unfold this summer.

Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher is attracting attention as an emerging entertainment idol. They have been showing a pleasant charm through their first solo reality show Dreamcatcher Mind.

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Image credit: Dreamcatcher company