EXO Members Take You On A Fun Adventure In New Korea Tourism TVCs!

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Have you ever wanted to discover Korea with EXO?

Korea Tourism Organization had just released new individual TVCs featuring their new honorary ambassadors – the members of EXO!

The new TVCs released on August 13 is one of the many promotional ads to be expected from EXO this month as the country’s honorary tourism ambassadors. The boy group was appointed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization in June, with promotional ads featuring the boy group set to make rounds this month.

Here’s what EXO wants to show you for your next trip to Korea in their individual TVCs: 

exo korea tourism organization tvc

Photo from Korea Tourism Organization

Chanyeol takes you on a fun trip to show the daily Korean life!

Going from day to night, indoor to outdoor, and ordinary to extraordinary, Chanyeol gives you a glimpse of activities and places you could do and go to in your next visit to Korea! After taking you on a walk featuring the bustling city’s view of bright lights, EXO’s Chanyeol asks “have you ever eaten meat like this?” and proceeds to give you a taste of Korea’s famous samgyeopsal!

Besides the food trip, he also proceeds to have a fun time by playing sports indoors – definitely a date night idea, anyone?

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Finally, the new Korea Tourism Ambassador beckons you to visit the country and says, “Imagine an entirely new Korean daily life”! It’s easy to say we’re already convinced – is anyone booking tickets to Korea right now too?

Sehun invites you to join him as he embarks on an adventure!

Sehun invites you to experience the exciting adventures Korea can offer! The EXO maknae takes you on a fishing trip – where he successfully catches a big one, by the way – and asks “Have you ever eaten freshly-caught fish like this?” while giving you a great view of Jeju Island!

Other activities like mermaid diving and the celebration of the annual Mud Festival complete with energizing EDM parties were also shown in the video to entice you on booking the nearest flight to Korea! Finally, Sehun tells you to “imagine an exciting experience you can only experience in Korea” – and we’re ready to make that imagination a reality!

Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin give you a chance to find your inner peace in Korea!

The members of EXO sub-unit EXO-CBX takes you on a trip specifically designed for your relaxation on their TVC! Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin goes on to show you activities like meditation, tea ceremony, and the Korean traditional spa which are all guaranteed to soothe both your mind and body on your visit to the country!

The three members even takes you to some of Korea’s art museums – since art is definitely food for the soul! ChenBaekXi entices you to experience another level of healing from inside to outside – only possible in Korea!

Suho treats you to a historical and traditional glimpse of Korea’s culture!

EXO’s leadernim Suho is asking – have you ever eaten like medieval royalty in a 100-year old traditional house? If not, then you should definitely join him as he goes on a food trip featuring some of South Korea’s traditional dishes!

The TVC also takes you to the demilitarized zone and some of South Korea’s palaces for an experience of Korea’s historical and traditional culture. Suho even shows you the traditional way of sleeping in the country – which is on the floor, a surprisingly comfortable place to sleep on!

Finally, Suho tells you to imagine the past and present of Korea while dressed in a hanbok – and it’s something we’d definitely love to do too!

Kai dares you to try Korea’s latest trends!

Besides showing you the best dance moves possible, Kai could also take you shopping anytime – even at 4 AM! The TVC also features some of the trends you can experience in the country – like your very own selfie printed on your latte!

Kai invites you to imagine the latest trends possible only in Korea – which is a great word of advice coming from one of the world’s biggest trendsetters too!

D.O. gives you the full K-Pop experience with a hallyu wave showcase!

Have you ever cheered for your favourite K-Pop artists at their live concerts? EXO’s D.O. takes you on a full EXO concert experience himself in his solo TVC! In addition to witnessing your favourite group’s performances live, you could also experience life as a K-Pop star yourself!

Copy the same hairstyle as your favourite K-Drama actor or actress in salons around Korea or learn your favourite K-Pop group’s dance routines in your next visit to the country for a full K-Pop immersion!

Lastly, Kyungsoo asks if you’ve ever met a K-Pop star in real life – a question we’d definitely want to say yes to in the near future! This is the main reason why we’re booking the next flight to Korea ASAP, y’all!

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The promotional ads are all in line with the theme “Korea Asks You: Have You Ever?”. Additionally, the EXO members are set to be featured in limited edition Discover Seoul Pass in line with the group’s tourism advocacies, which will be sold beginning August 20.

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