Jung Joon Young And Choi Jong Hoon Receive Final Imprisonment Sentence From Court

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The court verdict for Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon’s aggravated rape charges are officially out.

The Seoul Central District Court had delivered the final verdict against five individuals including Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon for their aggravated rape and illegal filming cases on November 29.

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Found guilty of rape that involves two or more perpetrators, the courts have sentenced Jung Joon Young to a total of six years jail time and Choi Jong Hoon with five years jail time.

Moreover, they are required to attend eighty hours of rehabilitation program and face restrictions of employment for five years in any organization or company that involves children or teenagers as a precaution.

Besides the two, a Burning Sun employee was sentenced to five years in prison, an office worker was sentenced to four years in prison, and an entertainment company employee, only named as C, was sentenced to two years of probation in August.

The sentence comes eight months after the case began with their arrest and indiction in March this year. Prior to the verdict being handed down, the prosecution requested to put the five defendants under protective supervision, as well as, seven years in prison for Jung Joon Young and five years for Choi Jong Hoon plus ten years of employment restriction. However, these had been ultimately rejected.

The five individuals were indicted for their crimes in January 2016 on charges of raping a woman who was intoxicated in Gangwon and another in Daegu in March of the same year. In addition, they faced charges on filming spreading illegal pornographic footage, which was revealed to be disseminated in the mobile messenger KakaoTalk chat room.

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