Kang Daniel Shares His Honest Feelings About Having To Halt His Activities Previously Due To Contract Dispute

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These past months have truly been hard for Kang Daniel – but he has powered through thanks to everyone’s love.

Kang Daniel shared his honest feelings regarding the hiatus he was forced into due to his previous contract dispute during an exclusive interview with YTN.

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Through his legal representative, the idol talked about the hardship he previously faced due to the legal battle with former agency LM Entertainment in an interview shared by the news site on June 26.

“Having to stop all activities for five months after being so active (in Wanna One) was so hard for me, who has a lot of dreams and things I want to do,” Daniel said.

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“However, I was able to cheer up because my fans, my family and my friends were there to support me. It might not be easy, but I came all the way here because of my desire to take the right path. From now on, I want to walk the right path with my fans,” the idol also expressed.

“I will not forget all the fans who waited so long for me. As soon as possible, I’d like to visit you as the Kang Daniel on stage, which is where fans had been waiting for me to appear on,” he shared as well.

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“I sincerely thank the court once again for allowing this 24-year-old to pursue his dream with the last court decision. I will work harder to bring pride as an artist of South Korea and promote national prestige,” he concluded with a promise.

Currently, the multi-talented idol is preparing for his solo debut after winning the case against LM Entertainment regarding his contract. He also recently founded his own agency KONNECT Entertainment for handling his future activities as a solo artist.

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