Luna Reassures No Disbandment For f(x)

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Luna says no – f(x) has not disbanded and has no plans of doing so soon.

There is really no need to worry, MeUs. Even Luna herself has assured everyone that f(x) is still here to stay.

Photo from SM Entertainment

With back-to-back announcements of some idol groups disbanded this year, it is not surprising to see fans worrying about their favourite groups who have been inactive for a long period of time. One of these groups which has been missing from the spotlight for such a long time is SM Entertainment’s girl group f(x).

Made up of members Victoria, Amber, Krystal, and Luna, the group has yet to make a comeback since they released “4 Walls” back in 2015. Due to their four-year hiatus, fans have been growing worried of the looming possibility of the group’s disbandment.

However, through a live broadcast, Luna had once again denied rumors of f(x)’s disbandment personally.

“We haven’t disbanded. We really won’t disband,” the singer said, after she was asked if the group had already broken up.

Luna also apologized for making their fans worry and appearing as a solo artist before having an f(x) group comeback.

“I’m sorry we keep making you wait and cry. I’m sorry we keep coming out as solo artists,” she said.

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“We’ll work hard so we can come out more actively as solo artists and again with the rest of the members,” she also added.

Shortly after her live broadcast, fans had sent Luna their own reassurances of staying with the group and supporting them despite the long hiatus. MeUs also remarked how the members shouldn’t feel bad about appearing as solo artists and asked her not to apologize for it.

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