MONSTA X Receives Countless Praise & Recognition On A Global Scale

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K-pop icon MONSTA X stood out with its numerous achievements throughout the year, showcasing their immense global popularity.

MONSTA X made a lot of new achievements this year, starting with the release of their full English album ALL ABOUT LUV, to receiving much deserved awards for their hard work. The group was even mentioned by different overseas media, receiving praise for their outstanding work.

Monsta X

The group showed its presence on the Billboard’s YEAR-END CHARTS with the English single ALL ABOUT LUV, released in February this year. The album ranked 84th and 53rd respectively in the year-end closing “Top Album Sales” and “Top Current Album Sales,” following the achievement of debuting on fifth place on “Billboard 200”.

It also took the 11th spot in the “Social 50” rankings, based on social media activity around the world, showing the power of the idols’ global fandom.

Recently, the famous US magazine, Teen Vogue, chose MONSTA X as one of “The Best K-Pop Moments Of 2020”. Culture writer Erica Gerald Mason did not spare any praise when talking about the group and their work. “In these uncertain times, the world needs more MONSTA X choreography. Nobody does body rolls like MONSTA X — that’s a fact, just like the sky is blue and the sun never fails to burn hot.”

In addition, “FANTASIA” was picked by British magazine DAZED as one of “The 40 best K-pop songs of 2020”. The article further praised both the music piece and the group’s performances. “Between the video’s black and gold opulence and restrained chaos of “FANTASIA”’s chorus, Monsta X hammer out the big moves and bigger beats they’re beloved for.”

Earlier, MONSTA X’s ALL ABOUT LUV was listed in TIME magazine’s “The Songs and Albums That Defined K-Pop’s Monumental Year in 2020” column, and in PopCrush’s “25 Best Albums of 2020”. Furthermore, back in June, the idols took part in TIME magazine’s event TIME100 Talks, as the only performing artists.

Adding to the many recognitions, MONSTA X ranked eighth in “2020’s Top K-Pop Groups” from Tumblr’s “Year in Review 2020”. All six members were also named individually in the “2020’s Top K-Pop Stars,” which is a category listing 100 artists.

The success does not stop there, as the boys took over charts in Japan as well with their sweet single “Wish on the Same Sky“, released in April. The group settled on the top spot on Tower Records’ overall single week chart for three consecutive weeks, later listing on Tower Record’s “K-Pop singles Top 10” for the first half of the year.

A very memorable accomplishment occurred when the rooftop performance version music video for “HERO”, from the group’s second mini-album RUSH, exceeded 100 million views on YouTube this March.

The group shined not only through their overseas activities but with their Korean ones as well. The idols showed off their unique powerful performances with the title track “FANTASIA” from the mini-album FANTASIA X, which came out in May.

Then, in November the group released their third full-length album FATAL LOVE and its main song “LOVE KILLA”. If you think MONSTA X can’t raise their own bar more, you are wrong. The boys presented a new and fascinating style with their latest comeback, enchanting fans everywhere with their multi-talents.

Both songs received enthusiastic responses from fans as they topped the charts at the same time as their comeback on music shows.

Thanks to the support from global fans, MONSTA X won various awards this year. In particular, they snatched their very first grand prize as “Stage of the Year” at the 2020 AAA(Asia Artist Awards), more than five years since their debut.

They continued consecutively taking home trophies and showcasing their incredible popularity. Their other latest achievements include 2020 Asia Model Awards’s “Asia Star Award – Singer”, 2020 Melon Music Awards’ “Best Performance”, 2020 MAMA’s “Best Stage” and 2020 The Fact Music Awards’ “Artist of the Year”.

MONSTA X will wrap up a successful year, filled with diverse and astounding music, and a lot of love from their fateful Monbebe. The idols plan to finish 2020 with a spectacular year-end stage for their fans.

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