“My First First Love 2” Promises More Young Love & Friendship Stories On Its Netflix Premiere In July

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No more waiting for fans of this adorable Netflix original series, My First First Love 2 is coming back to answer questions left from its last season.

Exactly 100 days since its first season premiere, Ji Soo, Jung Chae-yeon, Jung Jinyoung, Kang Tae Oh, and Choi Ri are set to reprise their roles in My First First Love S2. On July 26, the much-awaited sequel will be streamed on Netflix.

Drifting to an endearing youth story, the coming-of-age series features a vibrant cast depicting relatable youth characters. In season 1, Yoon Tae Oh (Jisoo) was introduced as the main character who moves in to his grandfather’s house. His supposed solitary life is short-lived as his friends seek shelter to his new home.

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From there, stories of chasing dreams and first love decorate the friendship circle which has been weathering their storms together.

Picking up from the cliff-hanging finale of the first season, My First First Love 2 will carry on to depict the main characters growth as young adults.

Additionally, the love triangle involving Tae Oh, Song Yi and Do Hyeon will put a challenge on their close bond. They are set to contemplate between friendship and love. Meanwhile, Hoon and Ga Rin are set to work on fulfilling their career dreams.

Gearing up to meet Netflix subscribers, My First First Love 2 premieres on July 26.