NCT 127 Drops Intriguing Teaser For New Music Release “KickIt”

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NCT 127 drops teaser for their new song, “KickIt.”

SM Entertainment’s worldwide boy group, NCT 127, is going to release a new album in March. The album, Neozone, will be NCT 127’s second full-length album. The title song is stylized as “KickIt,” without space, which appears to mean “Hero” in Korean. (英雄; Kick It)

On February 12, NCT 127 released a retro-inspired video to announce their title song. The video starts out with NCT’s first-ever song release, “The 7th Sense” with NCT U as the first NCT unit to debut in 2016.

The clip continues to show NCT 127’s previous music releases from their debut until the most recent one. The fans got to reminisce about the past through the video and how NCT 127 has started leading up to now.

NCT 127’s 2nd full album NCT # 127 Neo Zone will be released on March 6 at 6 p.m. on various music sites such as Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and others.

Fans can pre-order the album as early as February 14 in various Korean music sites and in the US, through Amazon.

There are 13 songs that will be included in the album.

NCT 127’s Milestones

NCT 127’s music has been loved by a lot of people around the world. Recently, it ranked 11th in the US Billboard Main Chart, Billboard 200, with their mini-album, We Are Superhuman, released last May 2019. NCT 127 has also placed 6th in the Artist 100.

The group is also set to perform at the 2020 RodeoHouston. Being the first K-pop artist to participate as a performer in the world’s largest indoor livestock fair and rodeo competition, NCT 127 will be performing in front of 70,000 attendees.

Dreams Come True with NCT 127

During 01-27 or January 27, the annual NCT 127 Day, the boy group released a special song to the fans! And it was made even more special because, after a couple of months, Jungwoo is back from his hiatus.

The song “Dreams Come True” is a mellow song that highlighted the vocals of the group! Watch “Dreams Come True” below while you’re waiting for NCT 127’s “KickIt!”

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Image Source: SM Entertainment