NCT’s Jaehyun Joins Cheering Campaign Showing Support To Medical Frontliners In Midst Of COVID-19 Outbreak

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NCT’s Jaehyun has expressed his support to the medical frontliners who had been working hard in the midst of the current outbreak.

NCT’s Jaehyun recently participated in the cheering relay campaign thanking medical frontliners for their tenacity and bravery during the challenging COVID-19 outbreak by Sports Doctors, an international medical volunteers service.

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The NCT member showed his appreciation for the medical heroes who had been risking their lives by continuing to fulfill their duties through the supportive message he shared via the latest project of Sports Doctors.

Jaehyun first expressed the personal regrets he feels due to the current outbreak, saying, “It’s a shame that COVID-19 has reduced the number of opportunities for us to meet with fans.”

Afterward, he shared his message of support to the hardworking frontliners. “I hope the medical staff will cheer up as all the people are cheering for them,” the NCT member said with hopes of further giving strength and courage.

Aside from Jaehyun, various entertainment personalities like athletes and fellow musicians also joined the campaign. Some of these include soccer player Lee Keun Ho, singer Kim Chang Ryul, comedian Seo Kyung Seok, and composer Joo Young Hoon.

Medical professionals like the National Cancer Center’s professor Myung Seung Kwon, Hanlim University’s Gangnam Sungshim Hospital’s professor Hwang Ji Hyo, and pharmacist Min Jae Won also took part in the campaign.

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Sports Doctors’ Relay Cheering Campaign

Sports Doctors’ relay cheering campaign is also open to ordinary citizens. Through the hashtag #스포츠닥터스 on social media, they can join by sharing pictures displaying their support to Sports Doctors, the cheer relay campaign, and the medical staff currently fighting COVID-19.

Those interested in further helping out can make donations through Sports Doctors’ website as well. These donations will be delivered to medical staff and patients in a kit consisting of necessary masks, hand sanitizers, and nutritional supplements.

Sports Doctors, which has led medical support activities for vulnerable groups and achieved 4,500 medical services at home and abroad, has the cooperation of approximately one million medical staff thanks to their medical aid networks.

Currently, medical teams are dispatched all over the country, which is currently suffering from the spread of COVID-19.

Source: Hanguk Gyeongje TV | Sports Doctors