Red Velvet Unleashes Powerful Aura In New Teasers For Upcoming “Queendom” Comeback

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Setting the online world on fire once again, Red Velvet finally unveils more captivating teasers for their upcoming Queendom comeback!

With more than a week left until their return, powerhouse girl group Red Velvet proves that they are unbeatable when it comes to charisma and presence by unveiling more teasers for Queendom.

The group released two sets of concept photos so far, which include both solo, group, and unit previews, as well as a mood sampler.

In the first set of photos unveiled from August 4 to August 5, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri left fans in deep awe as they embody a beautiful and unique vintage concept that the K-Pop world has not yet seen before.

While donning classy and colorful outfits, the girls made many heads turn with their lovely and unconventional poses. Their cool and glamorous aura also adds up to the attractiveness of the photos.

They were able to perfectly pull off such a grandiose concept without even trying too hard. Their facial expressions all seem natural and flawless and the girls look like they are genuinely enjoying their comeback preparations.

The idols all looked stunning and breathtaking with their natural make-up looks and they were able to utilize all of the fun and vibrant props in the set well. The concept photos serve as solid proof of how versatile Red Velvet is as a group.

Letting their chemistry do the talking, the quintet further caught K-Pop fans’ attention with their sophisticated looks in the unit photos. Joy and Seulgi showed off their closeness by striking a pose while lying on the floor, while Irene, Wendy and Yeri looked like literal queens who can dominate the world with their visuals and talents.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet


While the first set of concept photos look soft and subtle, the second set of previews will make you wonder how the girls managed to change their image in just a snap.

The members of Red Velvet all wear black white ensembles, while looking like complete and fierce goddesses. All of them look mature as ever, while posing amidst miniature props.

Their powerful auras are enough to stir conversations. All of them exhibit the same vibe, which can make you realize how much they worked hard to produce such amazing outcomes.

They are just simply standing in one of the sneak peeks yet their facial features are so well-defined and distinct that you can notice it even while you are far from your screens.

The same dark, fiery, and fierce concept is what Red Velvet also showcased in their mood sampler released on August 3. The beat in the clip is enough to have you grooving to the beat. This signifies that the comeback is going to be one of the girl group’s best.

Fans should continue to look out for more teasers as Red Velvet will surely unveil them in the following days.

Meanwhile, the stunning girl group will release its sixth mini-album Queendom on August 16 at 6 PM KST.

Source: Red Velvet’s Official Twitter Account

Photos from SM Entertainment

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